Cup of Life: Quick Last Minute Christmas – End Of Year gifts!!

Hello friends!!

I hope you’ve been doing great! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA these past months. It’s been a crazy period health wise and I had some intense belly dance projects. I’m back now and I have prepared some fun posts.

I’m super excited about the holidays. You know me, I’m always well prepared. I basically have all my gifts. You won’t see me stressed out in the last week, desperate to find the perfect gift, because I usually already got it months in advance. Usually, in the year, when I have an idea, I look it up online and store it in my wishlist. So when the time comes, I just need to order them. I’ve been collecting some stuff in the Gift Wishlist, that I can share with you. Who knows, it might inspire you!

I also have this super cute Gift Wrapping idea, that you need to try out for yourself: The mini Christmas tree!! Read further below!

Small gifts – Stocking Stuffers

This is truly my favorite kind of gifts, as you get to give a lot of little things. So if you buy a huge box of glosses, you may divide them for several people. A fun way of wrapping them is making a small Christmas tree! Wrapping te little packages and putting it on a plate makes it look like a real big tree, which is soooo cute! I live for cute stuff, you know me! You can wrap it up in cellophane foil and you’re good to go!

Christmas Tree Gifts.jpg

As this is a Beauty Blog, I of course would mention beauty products, but you can easily find some fun gadgets for the gadget lovers out there!

For the Make Up Lover:

Make up gift ideas.jpg

  1. Essence Lip Smoothie
  2. Maybelline Vivid Hot Laquer
  3. Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream
  4. Catrice Aqua Ink Lipliner
  5. Catrice Lip Lacquer
  6. Benefit Cosmetics Mini Ka Brow 
  7. Benefit Cosmetics Mini Dandelion Twinkle
  8. Marc Jacobs Mini Liquid Lips Pencils
  9. Becca Glow on the Go Kit 

For the Skincare Lover (I love me some minnies. Wouldn’t they look cute below that mini tree!! *overexcited*):

Christmas Tree Gifts skincare (1).jpg

  1. Mini Farsali Rose Gold Elixir
  2. Mini Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Stick
  3. Mini Skinfood Coconut Mask
  4. Mini Glamglow Thirstymud Mask
  5. Mini Pixi Glowtonic To-Go Pads
  6. Mini Clinique Pepstart Hydroblur Moisturizer
  7. Sephora 3 Konjac Sponges
  8. Too Cool For School Coconut Oil Serum Eye Patches
  9. Erborian Doudoune for Lips

For Bath & Body:

gift body.jpg

  1. Sephora Bath Cube
  2. Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel
  3. Sephora Shower Gel Dose
  4. Frankbody Shimmer scrub
  5. Rituals Mini Perfume
  6. Rituals Mini Shower Foam

Gift Ideas for Kitchen Adventurers

If you have some kitchen fanatics around you who are also fan of some tv series, it may be fun to get them the best of both worlds :p: books of how to cook the meals in their favorite serie. I also added a beer brew kit, which is also something a bit different :p.

gift cook books.jpg

  1. Dutchman Brewing Kit
  2. A Feast of Ice & Fire Game of Thrones Cookbook
  3. The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook
  4. Harry Potter Inspired Cocktails

Gift Ideas for Gadget Fans

I’m a gadget fan myself, so I’m always on the lookout for affordable gadgets. So some of these things are also on my personal wishlist…

gift gadgets.jpg

  1. Holographic Piramid
  2. HP Sprocket Mobile Printer
  3. Luckies Smartphone Projector

Gift Ideas for the Ecologist at Heart

I have someone in my life who loves studying living things. Growing and taking care of living creatures is a passion for this person. And yes, it’s a grownup, for whom I’m looking for gifts in the kids section :p. Who cares, as long as they love it!

gift living creatures.jpg

  1. Ant Farm – gel is provided to sustain the ants, but you’ll need to catch the ants yourself in the garden :p.
  2. Magic Growing Tree – This isn’t technically a living thing. But it looks like the tree grows, because of the forming crystals. It’s actually a really fun experiment. You could also have this with a garden instead of a tree.
  3. Aqua Dragons – these are little prehistoric shrimp like creatures. You get a mini aquarium with led lights, a bag with “eggs” and food. There are some versions of this kit. You can also get them in a dinosaur like egg instead of a square aquarium…

Gift Ideas for that Sentimental Friend

If you like to get crafty, making a one of kind gift is something well loved. It’s not for everyone. But some people prefer to receive something they can’t find anywhere else, because it makes them feel very special. I’m talking about:

  • an album
  • a scrapbook
  • a little movie – you can store it in a memory stick and put it in a little treasure box or a jewelry box.
  • a planner with pictures
  • a painting – I love painting, but when I find myself under pressure I’m very uninspired. Looking up some quick YouTube Painting tutorials could save your day. My favorite painting YouTube channel is Stay Creative Painting. Ryan shows you how to make beautiful 10 minute paintings! Really worth the try!

This concludes my mini gift guide. I hope it helps you in some way!
This year, I won’t be posting anything on holiday make up looks, because my right eye is blood red, due to some tests. It would’ve been perfect for Halloween, but I wouldn’t want to scare the crap out of you now :p. But no worries, I have some empties coming up and a whole lot of New Favorites and Reviews!!

Stay healthy and be positive! Believe in yourself and try to see things in different angles!

Have a great week!



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