Cup of Reviews: 4 Korean Sheet Masks (The Saem, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Skinfood)

Hello my pumpkin spice lattes,

How are you enjoying your Autumn? In Belgium I’d say we have lot’s of ups and downs in weather: warm, cold, sunny, rainy… So my skin suffers a bit from this schizophrenic weather. And I’m not going to lie, I just like to pamper myself from time to time, so I’ve been enjoying my sheet masks, that I got from Taiwan or ordered on Cosmetic Love.

The Saem: Natural Blueberry Mask Sheet 

sheet mask The Saem Natural blueberry.jpg

  • Claims: “Contains blueberry extract, which keeps the skin young It makes dull skin look young and it moisturizes the skin by supplying effective substances to the skin.” I love how they give a bit more of an explanation then just one word :p.
  • Scent: super smelling mask
  • Texture: very juicy (a bit too much as it dripped down my face, it also didn’t hold the mask in place, I was scared it would slip so had to lay down)
  • How it performed: After 30min I took it off and massaged the remaining serum into my skin. It didn’t feel sticky and I looked very glowy (not too oily).

The Face Shop: Nourishing Face Mask (formulated with propolis)

sheet mask the face shop the solution

  • Claims: Nourishing , wrinkle care, no parabens
  • Scent: Can’t say it smells great, it’s quite alcohol like.
  • Texture: The mask comes with a plastic sheet with perforations that holds it in place. It will help you apply the very light and thin sheet on your face. What I always appreciate is when the solution doesn’t drip off my face. The serum is more of a gel consistency than liquid, which I really like.
  • How it performed: After that I take off the mask, I massage the remaining product into my skin. But afterwards, it does tend to feel sticky. Not a fan of that aspect. But overall it’s a good mask. They day after, I did get a lot of compliments from my partner for my soft skin :).

TONYMOLY: Pureness 100 – Red Ginseng Mask Sheet Shine

sheet mask Tony Moly Pureness 100 Ginseng.jpg

  • Claims: Shiny skin. Not much explanation really. I’m guessing that they meant glow. Can’t imagine someone wanting a shiny skin…
  • Scent: Not a fan of the Ginseng scent.
  • Texture: The sheet was fibrous and quite juicy, but not to the point that it would drip. It dried rather fast compared to other masks I’ve tried.
  • How it performed: After that I take it off and massage it into the skin, it remains slightly sticky, but not too much.

SKINFOOD: Bird’s Nest – Fills dry skin with moisture

sheet mask skinfood bird's nest

  • Claims: A beauty food mask sheet that fills dry skin with moisture.
  • Scent: If you name your product Bird’s Nest, I don’t really expect it to smell good. But it actually just smells like clean laundry, which is quite pleasant.
  • Texture: It’s a thick white serum. The sheet contains a good amount and doesn’t drip. I did feel like the sheet was slightly small for my face.
  • How it performed: It didn’t take too long to dry. After massaging the serum in, my skin remained tacky, which you know is not exactly what I like. I usually use a mask in the evening and I really dislike my face sticking to my pillow case, ughh!


I enjoyed all these sheet masks. All these masks always feel so cold and usually you don’t get to do much having these on your face. I used these masks in the evening, but I guess they’d be more refreshing in the morning. It’s that I’d have to wake up earlier and currently I don’t have the courage for that hahah!

I really like Korean masks and there are many many many out there to try, so that’s great. I’ve also tried some non-Korean masks of which I had already reviewed several:

I’ve seen at the ACTION store that they also have sheet masks, but then you have to rinse it off after use, which beats the purpose I think. I like sheet masks because I don’t have to rinse it off…

I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews!!

Have lovely week!


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