Cup of Reviews: Innisfree – Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam

Hello Honey Dew Lemon Bubble Teas,

So I’m not sure why, but I always feel very intimidated when I go to a store from Innisfree. It looks incredibly natural, with the real plants on the front of the building. I really like how it looks and what it stands for. But somehow, it doesn’t draw me in the same way Etude House does. But I guess that’s my princessy side, that feels so attracted to pink :D. They make a lot of products using natural elements coming from the Jeju islands, of which I’ve heard is a beautiful destination (yup, it’s on my bucket list).

After my second visit to the store, I picked up the famous Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam and a couple of masks. I heard great things about this scrub, so I was dying to try it out and it didn’t disappoint!

The Product

This product comes in a big fat squeezy tube containing 150 ml / 5.07 Fl. Oz. Their packaging is always very sleek, classy and “nature” looking. I didn’t keep my receipts as I can’t read them… But I remember it’s not a very expensive product. If I’m not mistaken, it must’ve been around 250 NT$ (which is approximately 7€).

20180526_102921i (1).jpg

This product claims to be a scrub foam with Jeju volcanic clusters to purify pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. I kind of expected the scrub to look dark brown with thick scrubbing beads, for some reason, but it’s actually a not too thick latte colored cream that comes out.You can’t really see the beads except for an occasional brown dot.



The scent is soft, herbal and fresh, which is very pleasant!

How does it perform? 

Let’s forget about the soft type of scrubs that are gentle on your skin. This one is a HANDS ON GOOD SCRUB. It gives you that numbing sensation that I recognize from the very first scrub I’ve ever used, the ST YVES APRICOT (thanks Cathy, miss you girl!). The beads are very present and not too small, compared to the Skinfood Sugar Scrub. It somewhat is aggressive, without hurting your skin. But you can feel it going deep. It also lathers quite well.

After I rinse it off, I do notice that my skin feels quite tight. I guess, if  it were made with an oily base, it would be less drying. But then again, I always use my toner and emulsion afterwards, so it doesn’t really matter.


If you’re looking for a nice scrub, like when your itchy and you need to scratch, that’s to me how it feels. It may be aggressive to some of you, but I really like how it cleans my pores in depth. All in all, I do like this product!

Hope you enjoyed this review! I’ll be going to Asia again soon. What other products would you recommend from Innisfree, or would you like to see a review of? Love to hear your feedback!

Have a lovely week,





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