Cup of Beauty: Sep-Dec 2018 Which Pallet should I get?

Hello Wonderful Butter Croissants,

I had this fun idea to write blog posts about. I’d like to challenge myself to only buy one high end make up product per category (Eyes, Lips, Face) every 4 months… Because, let’s get real, I don’t get around reviewing everything otherwise and it would be ridiculously expensive if each time I see a new pallet I jump up and down. I need to set some rules here, before it get’s out of control for me… Because I ain’t getting love from my wallet otherwise :p.

I came up with the idea as there are currently so many pallets on the market, I’d like to get my hands on. But I obviously have one face and one make up look that I can do each day haha :p. And getting everything I want, would financially be impossible. So I thought, why not sum up all the pallets I’d like to get, to evaluate them on packaging, color selection, theme and marketing and choose one I’m allowing myself to buy for this end of year period (September to December). I’m absolutely open to your suggestions and especially if there are looks you’d like to request from me for a certain pallet :D. I wouldn’t want to call this an anti-haul, cause I ain’t anti make up :p, but I like to have a positive vibe on this corner of the internet world ;).

For this blog post, I’d like to start with eye pallets, because that’s the one thing I get sooooo excited about. Let’s get down to the top 5 pallets, I’d love to get my hands on!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pallet (49€/14 shades)


  • It’s so refreshing to see a cooler toned pallet, with wearable colors. I have the feeling that the past year or so, there have been an abundance of warmer toned shades. Even though those are beautiful, I normally lean more towards cooler shades.
  • I’ve never tried any ABH products before, so this would be a nice opportunity to finally try out their products. There were some really controversial reviews on YouTube on some of their previous pallets. But it seems that this one has some very nice reviews.
  • I also see that they have some very nice pop of colors, that I haven’t seen yet in a pallet. I think it’s a very nice color selection.
  • Tati did such a wonderful review on it and the swatches just looked stunning!


  • It’s made of cardboard and velvet, so I’d most likely get it dirty pretty quickly…


I’ve summed up more pros than cons. I really really like this pallet. I think that I could make very classy looks with these, that would look very flattering.

Too Faced Then & Now Pallet (65€/22 shades)


  • You get 20 pans with 22 different shades.
  • The glitter is really getting to me haha!
  • I think it’s really great idea to compare the shades they used to have in comparison with a new take on those shades now. I’ve only been able to get my hands on Too Faced products 4-5 years ago. So it’s fun to play around with the more iconic shades.


  • It’s really big, so it’s not a pallet you’d take with you for your travels…
  • There are many glitter shades, but only 3 matt shades.
  • According to Emily Noel: the “older” glitter shades are hard to control as they tend to fall on your cheeks…


Seeing how big this one is, I will be having trouble storing this away. Even though the shades are nice looking, if I have to be 100% honest to myself, I think that I’m less attracted to the fact, that there are some similar shades in this pallet.

Urban Decay Born To Run Pallet (49€/21 shades)


  • Urrrrm, have you seen the amount of shades and the size of the pallet and the mirror!! So travel friendly!
  • We all know how deliciously metallic the Urban Decay shadows can be. I’m especially drawn to the mermaidy and deep berry shade in this pallet. And that matt corally shade is also calling my name…
  • I love how you can make neutral looks and colorful looks with all these shades.
  • There is a nice variation of matts and shimmers.


  • As I look at it, it kind of leans to the warmer toned shades. Which I don’t mind, but I feel like the blending colors should’ve been more neutral. I now feel like it’s a bit on the warm side.


I think the setup of this pallet is genius. It reminds of certain shades I’ve seen in the past in Vice pallets. I’m sure they took several shades from the past too. I feel like there is a good balance between berry shades, warm orangy shades (which you know I’m not crazy about), some purples and some very wearable and fun greens. The amount of combinations in this pallet are really calling my name.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Pallet (65€/18 shades)


  • This is another brand I’ve never tried before. I think the products she’s come out with are different and I’ve heard many great things about it.
  • Compared to her first pallet, I prefer the Desert Dusk one, because of the purple shades. I love how it’s in the theme of the desert, because I feel like she’s very proud of her origins and it’s something beautiful to share. I completely feel the vibe and the glamour of the desert. Especially because I do belly dancing and it sort of brings me in the mood for Arabian style make up…


  • This pallet really is on the expensive side with 65€ for 18 shades. This is a bit of a turnoff, because there are great brands out there with a lower price point.


Beautiful pallet, but I still think the price tag is too high, especially when there are other cheaper high end pallets, I’d like to get my hands on…

Too Faced Just Peachy Matt (44,99€/12 shades)



  • The packaging is to die for. It looks sturdy, classy but at the same time cute, travel friendly. What more would you want?!
  • So I’ve been saying how I got really tired of warm shadowed pallets, with that I meant the orangy warm shades. I do get totally excited with berry, peachy toned colors. I know, it sounds strange, I’m just not a fan of orange shades… I don’t think they actually look good on me. Berry tones on the hand, me likes!
  • I’ve never had a full matt eyeshadow pallet before, but I think that you can obtain very classy looks with just these shades.


  • There are no pops of color… So I’d be more likely to bring some colorful shades with me if I travel.


I guess, I wouldn’t pick out this one either, as much as I love it (well especially the packaging, to be honest). Because it’s not versatile enough. I wouldn’t have as much fun with it as I would with one of the other pallets.

So which one should I pick? 

I’m on the fence to get the Urban Decay Born To Run Pallet. But I’m also very drawn to the ABH Norvina pallet. I feel like if I get one, I’ll regret not getting the other. I’ve also never tried any AHB products, so that would be a good reason to get it. But the UD product is also sooooo nice! In January I’ll do this exercise again and who knows, maybe I’ll pick the other one up then?… Huda Beauty is also a brand I’d really like to try out, but perhaps I should try her smaller pallets? Have you guys tried it? How do you like it?

I’d love to know, what you guys think? Should I get the UD Born To Run Pallet or should I go for the ABH Norvina pallet?? Be sure to leave me your thoughts in the comment section!



5 thoughts on “Cup of Beauty: Sep-Dec 2018 Which Pallet should I get?

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Indeed! I always find myself gravitating towards UD. So I don’t give a chance to other brands haha. Such a dilemma… I’ll let you know what I got, with an elaborate review and a couple of looks ;D. Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Tayler says:

    I personally vote for the ABH Norvina palette! I don’t have the UD Born to Run palette so I can’t really speak to it but the Norvina palette is incredible! I think its a really beautiful and classy palette. I did a full review if you want to check it out!

    As far as it getting dirty, I keep mine in the box still but don’t really mind if it gets dirty anyway. It just shows that you like it!


    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Hi Tayler, thanks for your advice! I’m really torn right now haha. I get mixed messages so it’s difficult to say. I think both pallets are absolutely wonderful. If I could, I’d buy them both haha. I’ll be sure to check out your post! xoxo Sarah


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