Cup of Confessions: Why do I love wearing make up?

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I hope you’re having a great week! And if you’re not, try to stay positive and look for the good things you’re surrounded with. Today I wanted to have a chat about the use of make up. Why do I love it so much? What’s not to love?!! But really, here are my reasons:

Self Expression

Duh, that’s the usual answer, right! But it’s true! It sets my mood, it reflects how I feel. It reflects the colors I am feeling that day. It’s a statement, it’s bold, it’s soft, it’s romantic,… Whatever that mood may be, I can express it. And that feels amazing!

Put Together – my Armor

My love for makeup already started from when I was a little girl. My mom’s makeup table was actually in my bedroom. She always did her make up when she went out, even if it was only to the grocery store or even to sit in front of the house. To me, she was always the most pretty mom I had ever seen, so I was and am very proud of her. My mom always says that you should always take care of yourself to look nice. To her make up made her look put together. “Being put together” took a whole other meaning when I went to college. I felt very insecure and out of place in my class. It wasn’t that the people weren’t nice. I just couldn’t really connect with many people because I was incredibly intimidated of their drive, their force, their passion and their eagerness to learn more. At that point, I never realized that I was intimidated because I just lacked the passion myself for what I was going for. So I did what I had to do to succeed, in my heart I was in survival mode. Ignore your feelings and go straight to that goal, which was to obtain that engineer degree. I went to class, I made summaries and did anything that made me feel like I was actually doing something useful. It was only a pretense though. I felt miserable, so I often looked for distraction by shopping. And during the preparation for the exams, I would often roam YouTube for make up vids. So during this period, I learned a lot about makeup thanks to Michelle Phan and many other Youtubers. It actually came to a point that during the exam periods, I’d go the drugstore each day and bring home a small make up item… I started playing around with make up and it became an outlet. It became my way of saying: hey, I’m in control, I got this! One day at a time and I’ll get there, somehow!

How people see me

I am in no way ashamed of how I look like without makeup. I think that without it, I look innocent (muhahaha) and sweet. And somehow that is also something I like to reserve for my partner, something I just like to share with him. But going back to the time I went to college, there were many people that somewhat looked down on me, because I wasn’t the best student in the world. I had this hot pink coat I’d wear with pride. And this guy I was working with in the lab (in my last year for my thesis) was always laughing at my “Barbie” clothes and looks. As weird as it may sound, the more you say something like that to me, the more I feel like rubbing the ooey gooey pink in your face. Because you know what, it says so much more about that guy than about me. I truly think it means he was jealous I don’t care about what others thought of me. I also believe that he felt more comfortable judging others than looking at himself in the mirror. I strongly believe that if someone has the time to sit there and laugh at people and judge them, it’s because they don’t have the guts to actually embrace themselves and their imperfections.


Now I don’t consider make up to be something I hide behind. It’s a misconception of many anti-makeup people. Because whether I’m sad or not, I’m an open book. You’ll see it anyway. It’s not like makeup can cover up any emotions at all. Because if it were, you could just wear a mask and spare yourself the trouble of doing your makeup altogether. But I like to think that I’m doing the best that I can to be the best version of myself: inside and outside. It starts with me being very happy to wake up and doing my makeup routine. Because that truly does make me happy… If you don’t like to wear makeup, then you shouldn’t wear it… You do you. But I’m just saying that I wear makeup simply because I love the process of applying it, because I love how it makes me feel and because for me it’s a lot of fun…


This aspect is less of an emotional thing. But throughout the day our skin is exposed to external dangers such as the sun and dirt. I always wear sun protection, but wearing the extra layer of makeup, I do feel like it’s an extra barrier that protects my skin and that can be washed off at the end of the day…

Soooo, friends!! What are your reasons for wearing makeup? Please feel free to share your thought below in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Cup of Confessions: Why do I love wearing make up?

  1. Mackenzie says:

    loved reading your thoughts and journey with makeup!! I agree- it’s such a fun way to express yourself, truly like art for the face! And while you do not need any makeup cause you are SUCH a natural beauty, I do love seeing all your creations- They blow me away! One day I’ll get there hehe- I think I should look into those Youtube videos to start!


  2. alwayscleia says:

    I wear makeup because its one thing I can do during the day that is just for me. I like to listen to an audio book as I get ready and I really just find doing my makeup relaxing! I also love playing with fun color combinations 🙂
    Great post! xx


  3. LivingOutLoud says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I really loved your post and how you also revealed more of your playful personality. I was so obsessed with makeup from the time I was a young girl, but my mom always made it seem like a bad thing or like I was “trying too hard” when I put on a slick of lipstick (that was when I was in high school.) I think over time I got a little discouraged and lately I have been wearing either nothing or the same look each time. I love your view on makeup and I think I want to start watching tutorials and try again. I say this every year, but I will just start small 🙂

    ❤ Alana


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