Cup of Reviews: I Heart Makeup – Chocolate Rose Gold Eyeshadow Pallet

Hello my Blackberry smoothies,

Today’s post will be a review. This one has been sitting in the Drafts section for quite some time and it was about time to bust it out, especially for the Autumn. The delicious warm shades, you’ll find in the pallet I’m about to review, make you look forward to the falling leaves and the change of color of this season!

It took me some time to review just because it’s a warm pallet. With the summer weather, I didn’t feel like creating orange red looks, but I was more drawn to cooler toned aqua colored looks… Because it was already hot enough without me needing to add extra warmth in my life :p.

Let’s get to the reviewing ;).

The Packaging

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews of this brand, I think the packaging is rather tacky. But I guess this one appealed to me the most with the metallic rose gold dripping off the chocolate bar (this makes me think of the Too Faced Chocolate Gold pallet). It’s definitely a sturdy plastic, but I’ve found nonetheless with this brand, that it can still easily break.

The mirror takes up the whole lid of the pallet, so it’s huge. With this pallet comes a double sided flimsy applicator, which I don’t use. There are 2 bigger pans and 14 smaller pans of shades for a total of 21.96g (UD Naked 1 or 3: 15.6g, TF Chocolate Bon Bons: 18.4g), which is if you compare it with other pallets quite a big amount of product.

IHM Chocolate Rose Gold

I got mine at Kruidvat for 9.99€.

The Shades

The shades perhaps remind me of several pallets: Anastasia Renaissance pallet, Huda Beauty Rose Gold, Huda Beauty Desert Dusk and Too Faced Chocolate Gold. All pallets that I don’t own. Looking at these shades, it is for sure you’ll only do warm looks with these. On first glance I can tell the highlighters are too dark for my skin and I’m also missing a deep dark shade.

IHM Chocolate Rose Gold shades

Let’s have a look at the swatches:

First Row

  • Hold up: Comes in a bigger pan. It’s a shimmery champagne gold shade, that looks great all over the lid, but is too dark to be a browbone highlighter.
  • Touch me: Intensely foiled cooled toned brown (almost with a hint of kaki) with lots of golden shimmer.
  • Dirty rich: Intensely foiled, wet looking, deep berry shade.
  • Hard work: Also a very intensely foiled, yellowy gold.
  • Luxe: Chunky glittery berry shade, that is less pigmented but not less pretty. I imagine this is what the textured shadows from Huda Beauty are all about. But I can’t confirm as I haven’t swatched those before.

Second Row: This would definitely be my favorite row.

  • Cheque: is a beautiful tan rose golden shade, deliciously wet and foiled looking. It’s almost bronzy looking, but it’s not…
  • Barbie: I associate the name Barbie with a deeper pink haha, this shade is very peachy corally looking. Very pretty with those specs of gold.
  • Gold digger: is a bronzy gold. It’s a bit too warm and deep to be a true golden.
  • Girl boss: is the first matt shade we see in this pallet. This deep burgundy, almost brown shade can be used to warm up any look. It’s not too dark and not too light, so I like to use it in the crease.
  • Uh-oh: is for me THE blending shade of this pallet. I use it as base for almost each eyeshadow look. It’s a matt dusty pink shade. I can’t get enough of it.
  • Not Yours: Such a sassy shade!

Third and last row

  • Shy: is pretty much the only matt shade here that will allow you somewhat to do a less warm look. It’s a nice taupy shade.
  • Back up: is a nice matt deep burgundy shade that will warm up any look. It’s the deepest shade in this pallet.
  • Side-chick: is a matt deep warm (almost brownish) red.
  • My own: is a warm brown matt.
  • Independent: a creamy, slightly yellowy highlighter shade with a satin finish.

The Scent

Yes, friends, you’ve guessed it. It smells like cocoa. You only smell it in the pan. I haven’t noticed the scent during the application.

The Texture

There are 4 finishes in the pallet:

  • Satin finish: soft and slightly reflective. The one shade in here that’s stin is “Hold Up”
  • Metallic: Soft to the touch, they almost feel wet. They glide smoothly on the skin when swatched and are best applied with a finger. These metallic shades are incredibly foiled and pigmented. There are 4 shades that seem to have this texture: Touch Me, Dirty Rich, Hard Work and Barbie
  • Textured Metallic: Soft to the touch, but contain very chunky flakes. They’re packed with glitter and can apply patchy. Though the colors are really beautiful, you’ll need to reapply, because parts of it will flake away… Glitter glue may help in this case. There are 3 shades with this texture: Luxe, Cheque & Gold Digga.
  • Matt: These matt shades feel smooth to the touch. Even though finger swatches may look patchy, the application with the brush is quite nice: buildable, blendable and pigmented. This pallet comes with 8 matt shades: Girl Boss, Uh-Oh, Not Yours, Shy, Back Up, Side-Chick, My Own & Independent.


I’m pretty happy with this pallet. You get to do a variation of warm looks with good quality shadows. The metallic shades are incredibly pigmented and give a pop on the eyelid as it is so reflective. As I mentioned before, I miss a lighter highlighter and a deeper darker shade. To be quite honest, I don’t use it that much, as it is so warm. I’m strange in a way, because I’m drawn to these warm shades, but on the other hand I don’t wear them often…

Looks I did using this pallet

IHM Chocolate Rose Gold look 1.jpg
IHM Chocolate Rose Gold look 2The combinations are endless, but obviously only warm. I didn’t take more pictures of my finished looks. But the quality is honestly quite nice. The next pallet I’m picking up from this brand will be more mermaidy and purplish shades which are right up my alley.

Even though, it’s not a new product, I hope you enjoyed this review.



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