Cup of Reviews: The Face Shop – Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach

Hi My Lovely Peach Parfaits!

When I was in Taiwan, I’ve seen 2 big The Face Shop stores, 1 in Banqiao near my hotel and 1 in Ximending (THE shopping paradise of Taipei). I’m pretty much intimidated. The shops are spacious and quite white. I never know what to get from this brand, but as I had the time to look around, I came out with: a cleansing foam, a make up remover oil, 4 eyeshadows and 10 sheet masks (they were 1+1 free!! Awesome!!) :D))).

The product I’m reviewing today is a Cleansing Foam. In the past I had already tried out from this brand a fermented bean cleansing foam and the iconic Brightening Rice Cleansing Foam. But as I didn’t have a blog yet back then, I thought I’d check out one more from their line. This time I went for the Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach.

The Product

This product comes in a big fat squeezy tube containing 170 ml cleansing foam. It is available on Koreadepart for 3.05$. I think I paid around that price in Taiwan. I thought it was pretty cheap and you do get a very decent amount of product.

The product is thick and looks pearly, much like the other cleansers I’ve used from The Face Shop before.


The Scent

I like peaches, but this kind of smells a bit too strong. It’s a little bit like cough medicine… I’m not a huge fan.

How does it perform? 

With a pea size amount, it lathers up to a thick mousse on wet skin, which feels nice.


When you start rinsing it off it feels smooth, but when you continue rinsing (because you obviously want to remove everything) the skin on your hands start sticking to the skin. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t glide smoothly over it. It feels like while rinsing, you are stripping your skin of the natural oils. When your face is dry, it feels slightly dry but not exaggerating.

My Conclusion

I like how it performs, but not a huge fan of the smell and how it feels during the rinsing. It’s not too drying afterwards, so I think overall that this is an okay cleanser, especially for that price. I’ll probably purchase a somewhat more expensive cleanser from this brand to try out :p.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review! Talk to you in my next post!



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