Cup of Reviews: BIOTHERM Time For A Miracle!

Hello wonderful friends!!!

It’s been a while!! A month to be exact, that I’ve posted anything on my blog. I was on holiday for 12 blissful days in Taiwan. While I did preschedule my posts, I didn’t expect to be dead tired after I returned. Hence, I need a little pause. I haven’t been sitting still though. I’ve been preparing some exciting new posts, reviewed exotic things and been trying out some really nice Korean and Taiwanese products.

I would’ve normally posted on Wednesday this review of Biotherm Time for a Miracle. But somehow WordPress deleted the entire post, I had been working on for weeks O_o. At that moment, I think I got a bit blood thirsty, just a tinsy bitty… I of course still know what I wrote about, but it still a pain in the bum to look up again the prices and whatnot! BUUUUT, I won’t let that ruin my “comeback” post :p.

I really enjoyed this set that I got for New Year from my best friend. I had never tried this brand before, so I really was excited to try this out. I was waiting to take these on my trip, which was maybe not the best idea as your skin can behave differently in another climate. But after I came back, I used it two more weeks, so I think I have a pretty good idea of how it really performs.


This set came with 5 minnies:

  • Biotherm Purifying Foam Cleanser 20ml
  • Biotherm Aquasource Gel 15ml
  • Biotherm Smoothing Replumping Lip Balm 5ml
  • Biotherm Anti-drying Body Milk 40ml
  • Biotherm L’EAU Energizing Fragrance 15ml


Biotherm Purifying Foam Cleanser 20ml

A good cleanser to me is one that lathers nicely, cleans well and doesn’t feel dry during and after the rinsing. The cream is green and thick. It lathers up really nicely and smells very fresh. While I’m rinsing it off, it feels slightly like it takes the natural oils away. But the sensation is gone after the rinsing. When my skin is dry, it doesn’t feel itchy or dehydrated at all. I really like it and would purchase the full size, which is approximately 20€ for 125ml. I don’t have the exact price, but it’s the price of another cleanser of this brand. I couldn’t find this exact product on the Ici Paris XL website.

20180525_171148i - kopie

Biotherm Aquasource Gel 15ml

If you’re one to like a fresh, fast absorbing gel cream, this is the product for you. It reminds me a lot of the L’Oréal Hydra Genius Aloe Water, which I reviewed not so long ago. The gel is a bit thicker than the L’Oréal product and the scent a bit softer, though very similar. The full size costs 27.9€ for 50 ml. Also very important to mention, this product doesn’t contain any parabens.

I used this product during the whole time I was in Taiwan and really liked how fast absorbing it was. It provided enough moisture and freshness. And it totally didn’t feel sticky, which I really can appreciate in humid warm weather conditions. My skin really looked nice when I was there: less pores, more radiant. But I think that that was the climate more than the gel. Because my skin returned to normal when I got back to Belgium. I continued using the gel for 2 more weeks after my return, but it also didn’t have much effect.

20180525_171100i - kopie

Biotherm Smoothing Replumping Lip Balm 5ml

You guys know by now that I’m a lip balm junky. A lip balm should glide on smoothly on my lips, keep them moisturized for a good amount of time. This balm does that. It makes my lips look so healthy!

Not only does it do it’s job but it also has healing properties. I love using bright lip liquids and sometimes this makes my lips crack and feel itchy when it dries out. This usually gets worse until I stop using any lip products except for lip balms. But even then, it takes a very long time, say weeks, for it to heal. There haven’t been any lip balms that have worked for me really well. But using this Biotherm one, my lips got better within 1 or 2 days. I now use it almost every day! And it soooo cheap! I’m definitely going to buy a couple of tubes. They’re 8.5€ for 13ml.

20180606_185827i (1)

20180524_070408i - kopie

Biotherm Anti-drying Body Milk 40ml

This cream is very thin, quite liquid and absorbs very fast into the skin. The grapefruit scent makes it even more refreshing. I like to think it keeps mosquitos away (sadly it didn’t work for me, but I’m totally a mosquito magnet anyway). I really enjoyed this product in Taiwan, especially due to the warm weather. Normally, when I’m sweating, I don’t like to feel anything on my skin. But as this feels fresh and absorbs quite fast, it didn’t bother me at all. I’d definitely recommend this to someone who needs the moisture minus the stickyness and likes the scent of grapefruit!

The full size is a bottle that comes with a pump and costs 20.50€ for 400ml, which is a lot!

20180525_171131i - kopie

Biotherm L’EAU Energizing Fragrance 15ml

This bodyspray smells exactly like grapefruit. It’s refreshing and smells natural, not overly sweet or citrussy or anything. It does fade rather fast. The full sized bottle costs 37.9€ for 100ml. I did enjoy this product, but it’s not my favorite…

20180525_171200i - kopie

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed this kit. I had never tried this brand before, so it’s great that my best friend picked out this set for me! I think this kit is great for me in the summer. In the winter, I think that the Aquasource gel wouldn’t provide me enough moisture. I’d say that this kit would be great for someone who wants to get into skincare or someone who doesn’t like to feel heavy products on their skin and like fresh scents.

Hope you like this review!! I’ll talk to you in my next post!




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