Cup of Reviews: Skin Food – Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff

Hello Darling potato cakes,

We are May now, which means in a month we’re halfway through the year O_o. When did that happen for goodness sake? Anyhows, this means it’s almost summer! How are you feeling it, beauty wise I mean? I’ve lately not been feeling the very heavy smoky eyes, but just feel like doing simple and fresh looks…

I’m today reviewing the last Skin Food product that came in my Christmas Cracker. Can’t believe it took me this long to review them all… But I did want to give you some variation when it comes to reviews… If you’ve missed my previous posts:

Cup of Reviews: Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off


The Packaging

We all know the Skin Food style by now… Very cute food container like jars. If you don’t like scooping out your stuff with your fingers, you might want to use a spatula.



The Scent

Have you ever been to Singapore and had Honey Dew Bubble tea? I swear, this is what is smells like. It’s sweet, but refreshing because it has that hint of lemon. If you haven’t tried out that heavenly drink yet, you could describe it as a mix of honey and lemon scent.

The Product

The consistency of this product was actually a brown goo with a layer of honey on top. When I first tried it I stirred it with a clean finger (I was taking a bath actually). And I kind of expected for that brown goo to sediment again after use. But it never did :p. Now the consistency is somewhat thicker than honey and has bits of sugar. This sugar kind of melts immediately on the skin when you massage it in.


It feels like a thick gel you’d apply on your skin. It might be interesting to put this in the fridge for a refreshing effect, but admittedly I haven’t tried that yet. Somehow, it just feels like applying honey and brown sugar on your face.

It does feel soft when I rinse it off, doesn’t leave any residue and goes fairly easy.


My Conclusion

Overall, out of the 3 products I’ve tried, I really like the Rice mask the most, because that’s the most fresh smelling product. The scrub was also very nice. I guess this Honey mask is my least favorite. Because I don’t feel like it does much for my skin. It’s like it’s sitting on it and then I rinse it off…

Now that I’ve used all 3 of them, I might try out other things from their skincare line. But they have so many skincare lines, it’s daunting! I haven’t checked them out lately, but when I looked them up in the past, I was a bit confused, so I kind of gave up because there was little information on, which is where I usually get my Korean cosmetics :p.




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