Cup of Reviews: Nivea Micellar water for dry and sensitive skin

Hi Friends,

How was your weekend so far? Hopefully filled with joyful things, a bit of sun and lots of warmth!!!

I have a very short review for you today. It’s so short that in the past I wouldn’t have written it. But if I didn’t write a post on this product, I’d feel bad about trying out another new product without reviewing it… I may have to do a post on all the products that I’ll never be able to review just because I missed my chance haha… But as you’ve read in my New Years Resolution, I’d rather write a smaller post, but post regularly. For the time being my schedule works out great, which is posting on Wednesday and Sunday. Please do share your thoughts about it!

The Packaging

I got this cute little bottle in 100ml, which is convenient when you want to try it out. I can’t find this exact same product on the website anymore, but it was around 4€, I remember. The packaging is very lightweight but sturdy nonetheless.


How does it perform? 

It’s actually a very nice product. It’s very gentle, doesn’t hurt my eyes and takes my waterproof mascara off perfectly. My skin doesn’t feel dry afterwards. But as you know, it bothers me to have to have to use several cotton pads to take my make up off. I think it’s quite a waste. But it’s to be expected when you use this kind of cleanser.

It’s nice though that on lazy days, no extra cleansing step is needed.

As you know, I value the cleansing steps the most about my skincare routine. So if you’re interested, here are my previous posts on cleansing products: 

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I hope you found this post helpful in any way!

I’ll talk to you soon and have a nice week lovelies!!


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