Cup of Reviews: Skin Food – Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff

Hello my lovely Nutella Cupcakes,

I love buying scrubs. I then imagine I’ll use it once or twice per week and end up with a baby butt smooth skin. The truth is that they end up somewhere in my collection and I forget about it. That has changed, now that I put the scrubs in the bathroom. I usually use it when I’m taking a shower or bath. I just sometimes put another scrub in the bathroom for the sake of changing it.

Since New Year, I’ve been enjoying the Skin Food products I bought in that Christmas Cracker (you can read about it here). I got in that cracker the Rice Mask, Black Sugar scrub and Black Sugar Honey mask washoff. Today, I’ll be talking about the Black Sugar scrub. This scrub is the most famous product from Skinfood, as far as I know. What am I saying, it’s iconic! The very first time I had seen a Skin Food shop, was in Singapore many years ago. Back then I wasn’t into Korean make up and skincare yet. But that shop really looked like they sold honey jars and such. It was only after I got back to Belgium that I had realized it was actually a skincare shop (yup, never really read the huge letters on the shop haha). And the fact that it all looked so expensive, didn’t make me want to go in. By the time I got back to Asia, I was more drawn to the cute packaging Etude House, Tony Moly and the Faceshop had to offer. So I never got around trying out Skin Food… So I’m glad I finally tried out this brand.


The Packaging

This product comes in a little round pot that looks a lot like a food container, which is really cute. This is very typical for their packaging. This mini size contains 50g for 10€ (when ordered on the website). The big size contains 210g for 24.90€, which is thus a lot cheaper. Ordering the same full sized product on though costs significantly less (11.10€), but you’ll probably have to pay taxes to receive your package.


The packaging is sturdy, and some might not like it, but you need to scoop the product out…
The Scent

I’ve heard Alana say it smells like strawberry jam. I guess it’s different for everyone. This is concentrated sugar and I’ve realized this smells like concentrated Coca Cola to me, like Coca Cola Calippo ice. Agghhh this brings back memories: warm hot summer, the beach, playing in the sand and then getting a very satisfying Calippo ice stick (or however you’d call it). I love it, but I also don’t mind that the scent doesn’t linger too long. Wouldn’t want any bees attacking my juicy smelling face haha :p.
The Product

There is definitely more sugar than liquid. You definitely feel the sugar between your fingers. The paste is quite thick and firm.


When applying onto the skin, it exfoliates nicely, spreading this sweet scent all over your face. This exfoliation literally feels like your rubbing sugar all over your skin (which was of course to be expected). It really feels so satisfying! When rinsing it off, it leaves a very soft skin, which I then moisturize afterwards of course.
My Conclusion

It’s like a sugar lip scrub but then for your face. I do enjoy it, but it still feels strange spreading Calippo ice smelling goo all over my face… I’m not against it, but it’s kind of too sweet to my liking. I feel like bees would be attacking me, if they’d smell this haha :p.

If you have sensitive skin, this may feel too abrasive for your skin. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

Have you tried this before? What are your thoughts? Any other Skin Food products you’ve tried before and would recommend?



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