Cup of Reviews: Bioré – Pore Cleanser with soda

Hello chocolate coated strawberries!!!

Today, I’m reviewing the Bioré Pore Cleanser with Soda. I bought this product I think some 5 or 6 months ago for the purpose of reviewing of course. And I’ve been using it on and off. Now the bottle is almost empty, so I need to hurry to review it before it lands in my pile of non reviewable products haha. You need to have some product left in order to talk about it (describing scents, textures and whatnot)…
The Packaging

Lightweight see through sturdy flask with a pump. The product itself is a semi clear gel with little white beads. You get 200ml for 9.09€.

The Scent & Product

The scent is a bit fruity but still fresh. I think it’s very pleasant. The product has a thick white pasty texture with beads in them, which you can see clearly below. Even though the beads are visible, the scrub doesn’t feel harsh on the skin.

How does it perform?

The gel lathers quite nicely on the skin and the little beads scrub softly the skin. At first I was a bit concerned that scrubbing daily would be too aggressive for my skin, but it was okay. My skin also looked clearer after using it. This was the product I was using before I tried out the RAINPHARMA line. Even though I like the RAINPHARMA Dedicated Face Wash better, this is definitely not a bad cleanser. You have to put on a cream afterwards though, because otherwise it does feel dry (like it does itch and tug at your skin).

Would I repurchase this product? It was a good cleanser, but it didn’t blow me off my socks either. I would purchase it again if I’d need a cleanser and that at that moment I don’t really have any new products that I wish to try out…

Have you tried this product before? Or other Bioré products? I’ve used nose strips before, which I LOOOOVE! Feel free to share your thoughts!

Have a nice week and I’ll talk to you soon!



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