Cup of Looks: Jaclyn Hill Morphe Brushes – Look 5

Hi my beloved mango sorbets!!

Yes, I know, I’m getting more and more creative with the dessert names. Y’all know I’m obsessed with dessert names. I just think it’s cute haha. One day, when I have a dog like Shila the Pom (if you want to see the cutest dog in the world, you should definitely check her out on Instagram), I’ll name her Caramel… That name is pretty much reserved.

On to more serious things now!!! Isn’t the warm weather giving you the need to even go for more bold shades! Or perhaps not, because it’s so frikkin’ hot! Either way, I’m always in for a colorful eye look! And as it happens, I’m still not done with doing looks with my Jaclyn Hill Morphe Brushes pallet. I’m sorry if you’re getting bored with this pallet. But you definitely could pull off this look using any brand with the same shades.

This time around I mainly focus on purples and teals. I can’t help but feel attracted to these shades. It’s like it’s calling me to this other fantasy world. I really loved how it turned out, but sadly, in my enthusiasm to join my friend for some sushi, I forgot to take a picture of the full look. So today, it’ll only be the eyes… Let’s jump right into it.


MBJH pallet look 5

  1. I started out with a medium neutral colored brown as a blending shadow.
  2. Immediately I applied with my ring finger with an electric purple shade using my ring finger.
  3. The inner half of the eye, I went for this beautiful mermaid shade.
  4. It’s all about the blending… Now harsh lines please!
  5. I added a highlighter on the brow bone.
  6. I lined the eyes and topped it with a black eyeshadow.
  7. On the lower lash line, I applies exactly the same shades.
  8. I topped it off with mascara and VOILA!!

I hope you enjoyed this quickie!! Enjoy the sun everyone!!!



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