Cup of Reviews: Rituals Lip Service (Beeswax & Karite)

Hello my fluffy chocolate mousses,

Hurray for the warm weather, because I’ve been enjoying some fresh spring rolls these past days!! I’ve been wearing more colorful dresses and boy oh boy, I even dared going out with my bare legs. The only thing that’s not spring ready are my dry lips!!! Urgh, yes, I’ve spoken about it previously and I’m still struggling…

I’ve been using Rituals Lips Service and it’s about time I’ll share my thought on that product! Up until now, I’ve used from Rituals this lip product and the Eve’s Kiss gloss, which is a favorite of mine. So I’ll be able to compare the two.


The Packaging

The tube comes in a very cute and sturdy cylindrical cardboard box. All their glosses come in these containers. The product itself comes in a squeezy tube and a flat applicator. Each different type of gloss comes in a different colored tube. The one I’m reviewing today is the Lip Service, which comes in a pastel blue tube.


For 0.4 Fl.Oz/ 12 ml, this product retails for 8.5€, which is actually quite a nice price for this product, as I feel like Rituals is quite a luxurious store

The Scent

Not that I’m great at describing smells, but this one in particular is very difficult to define. It smells more medicinal than gloss like. What I really liked about the other one, Eve’s Kiss, though was the fact that it smells very fresh and slightly fruity. I know, I’m a bit predictive, but hey, I just know what I like… And the Lip Service product is just less fresh smelling, in my opinion.

How does it perform?

Lip Service has a thick white paste like consistency, that resembles many lip balms. If your lips are cracked, this may tingle slightly when you apply it. I don’t feel like it moisturized my lips for a very long time, so I often need to reapply it.

Because the paste is white, it also leaves a white cast on your lips, which isn’t really making you look fresh and healthy. The Eve’s Kiss one is more transparent and gives your lips a highly juicy shine, which looks plumping and healthy. Even if I don’t wear anything, it’ll let my natural lip color shine through.


Both of the textures aren’t sticky, but somehow, Eve’s Kiss seems a bit more smooth and glides nicely when you smack your lips together…

My Conclusion

I think it’s pretty obvious that I prefer Eve’s Kiss: more juicy lips, more shine, better smell and such a smooth finish. It’s still a favorite, can you tell?! Both of them don’t have an amazing longevity. But it does feel nice applying them.

Rituals still has some other types, but I’ve never tried those out. I believe the other 2 are slightly tinted as they’re called:

  • La Vie en Rose – Fresh Coral
  • La Vie en Rose – Pale Pink

Have you tried those already? what are your thoughts?

Anyhows lovelies, it’s the start of the new week and for many, the end of the Eastern Vacation. But no worries, the sun is shining and summer is upon our doorsteps!!



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