Cup of Reviews: Catrice Multitalent Lipscrub & Balm VS Sephora Honey Lipscrub

Helloooo my Key Lime Cakes,

I hope you’re having a nice week so far! The sun is shining in Belgium and nothing makes me happier than seeing some sunshine and feel some warmth on my (of course protected) skin. It’s also the moment to bust out those pretty and colorful dresses and of course rock some bright lip colors!!

Bright and pigmented lipshades are my favorite lippies to wear. I usually love trying out different textures… Whenever I use a longwearing matt lip shade however, it dries my lips out. I could try wearing lip balm first, but it ends up drying my lips after a couple of weeks wearing it daily. It starts with dry skin flakes on the lips.  And it expands in these dry patches around the mouth area. It takes quite a long time to recover from this each time. I try to be careful and use a lot of lipbalm. But during busy periods at work. I just don’t take care of my lips as much, just because I forget.

What usually helps is scrub my lips before it gets to that. Today, I have 2 products to compare: Catrice vs Sephora lip scrubs. I’ve only used one lipscrub in a stick before. And that was from ELF. I remember to like it, but that it was quite harsh on the lips, maybe a bit too much.

The Product

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub

It’s a cardboard packaging on the outside with a cute honey comb pattern. You may think that it’s not sturdy with that cardboard, but it’s metallic on the inside, so don’t get fooled. The yellow/orange colors are quite playful. You get 3.5g Net Wt 0.123 oz worth of product for 4.99€.


The bullet has the same color as the packaging. When you look closely, you can see the beads. These look quite small.


Catrice Multitalent Lipscrub & Balm 

The packaging from Catrice is as always classy, sleek, but also slightly boring compared to the Sephora one. It’s fully made of plastic. It has a white cap with black letters on it. You do get some more product though, 4g Net Wt 0.14 oz for 3.99€. This means it’s quite cheaper than the Sephora product.


The bullet looks slightly more orange than the Sephora one. There are some darker orange beads with, it seems, different sizes.


The Scent 

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub 

Like the name says it, it smells like honey. Very sweet.

Catrice Multitalent Lipscrub & Balm 

The Catrice product is available in 010 A lot of Apricot. I always find it interesting that they have a name for a product that only comes in one shade/smell. It’s a bit more fresh than the honey and is slightly citrussy. I do prefer this scent.

How does it perform? 

I apply it on the lips from the bullet. Then I rub with my finger over the lips for the scrubbing effect. And I then take a tissue to rub off the beads, but not to hard so that the balm remains on the lips.

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub

While applying this one on the lips you feel a very soft scrub. But it is so soft, you mainly feel the moisturizing effect. It feels more like a balm than a scrub. The beads are there, but it seems little. There’s not much left on the lips.

Catrice Multitalent Lipscrub & Balm 

You can feel the scrub of this one nicely. It’s also very moisturizing.

My conclusion

None of the two numb my lips like the ELF one does. But that one is a bit too harsh for my lips, it feels like I strip my skin off. The Sephora scrub is a little bit too soft for me, but nicely moisturizing. And the Catrice one is in between, which I like the best even though I could take a little bit more harshness.

I guess, if you’re used to a good sugar scrub. This ain’t it. If you were looking for a softer scrub that is gentle on the lips, either of these 2 would work.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little review! I’ll talk to you in the next one!





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