Cup of Reviews: H&M – Korean 3 steps Sheetmask

Dear apple strudels,

It’s Pamper Sunday!! As you’ve read a couple of posts back (Cup of Reviews: H&M – Kocostar Home Salon Hair Pack), I bought some Korean masks at H&M. This time I’ve used the Korean 3 steps sheetmask.

With Korean makeup and skincare in general, I’m always curious about how it’ll perform, because the products are often so different from what we’re used to in Europe. I’ve often found that Korean products also work well on my skin as I’m Asian. A couple of years back it was so difficult to find Korean products on the market here. And now that it’s available even at H&M, I couldn’t be more excited!


The difference compartments can be ripped off from each other.


1. Gel Cleanser

The gel, a pearly white foam, lathers very well and the scent is pleasant and clean. However when I’m rinsing it off, it feels like it strips my skin of the oils, because my hand almost feels scrubby on my face, like it’s dry, even though my face is wet. It’s quite a weird feeling.

2. Charcoal Sheet Mask 

The mask feels nicely thick and full of product. It’s completely saturated with the serum. After 20min, I took off the sheet mask and massaged the product in. That took a bit of time, because my face really felt wet.

I’m sparing you the pictures haha, they weren’t the most exciting or flattering…

3. The Serum

This stuff was absolutely clear. But to be honest, it was so dripping, that I probably wouldn’t have been able to take one anyway. I felt like there was a bit too much product for one use, but I used it up nonetheless. Afterwards, I felt like my face was a bit sticky.

My Conclusion

I thought it was an interesting idea and that it was cute. It’s a fun gift to include in a goodie bag. But I do find 9.99€ a lot of money for a one time use. And I wasn’t really blown away by the quality. I’m not going to purchase this again…

I hope you enjoyed this quick little review! Talk to you soon!Love,


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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Glad you enjoyed it girl! It wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t have an honest opinion about it :p, not to me anyway… xoxo Sarah


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