Cup of Reviews: H&M – Kocostar Home Salon Hair Pack

Hi my dear apple strudels,

Recently I met up with my best friend at a shopping mall in Brussels, called Docks. I love this shopping mall, because it reminds me of the style in Singapore: clean, big, pretty. They have different types of stores and different price ranges. My favorite boutiques are of course: H&M, Zara, Mango, Ici Paris XL, Lola & Liza, Di,… There is even a pharmacy and several eating places ranging from Japanese, Thai, Greek, Lebanese,… This is like the perfect meeting place! Or even just to go there by yourself…

During these little trips, I always find hidden gems. And this time around I spotted some Korean masks at the H&M! Say whuuuut! Yup you heard me! I was soooo surprised! They have pretty much a mask for anything: face, eyes, hair and foot peeling… I think I got all of them… I hope this is an opening for more Korean beauty products! It was expensive though.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Home Salon Hair Pack from Kocostar.

The Packaging

The packaging looks very cute and reminds me a lot of Etude House. It comes with 30 ml/1.01 FL OZ of product and it retails for 6.99€, which I find very expensive (but hey, if it’s worth it…). It didn’t come with much instruction, just that you need to leave it on for 20 min.


The Application

I just expected a cream. But I didn’t expect the cream to be in a hair cap. I made a bun with my towel dried hair and put on the cap. There was this sticker on the side. I managed to take the strip off the sticker, but it was a struggle. It might have been better if I kept that sticker thing on the front. It could’ve been easier to secure the cap.


It was comfortable because I was just laying in the bathtub. But I can’t imagine walking around without my hair falling out of the cap… I also thought the product couldn’t be distributed evenly as my hair was in a knot. I thus massaged my head on top of the cap with my hair on the inside of it. And it seemed to work fine.


After about 20 minutes, I took the cap off, massaged my hair a minute and then rinsed it off, which felt really nice.

The Scent

It wasn’t fruity nor floral, but very pleasantly fresh, like normal shampoo. It was nothing really special.

The Results 

I’m not including an after picture specifically because my hair basically looked te same. It was very soft and smooth and you could really feel that it felt lighter. I however have used masks before that felt more soft like feathers and had a longer lasting scent. So for me 6.99€ was a bit too pricey for the product.

Have you tried this before? Did you like it? I hope you enjoy this quick little review. Have you tried any other beauty products from H&M? Is there one you’d recommend? I have to say I haven’t tried much of their beauty line. So suggestions are welcome!!

Have great start of the week lovelies!




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