Cup of Reviews: Catrice Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer 020 Rosie’s Peony

Hello my Bubblegum fairies!!!

How was your weekend so far? Mine was actually quite chill. I like my weekends to be filled, but sometimes it’s nice when you’re not on a tight schedule. I’m so excited right now, because Essence has come out with a lot of products and I’m currently trying them out.

In the meantime Catrice has also been developing some new fun things. I’m especially excited about the product today, because I feel like recently I’ve been missing some really moisturizing lip products in their line. A couple of months ago, I didn’t feel like there was a good balance between matt and glossy lip products. But it seems like the tide is turning! Today I’m reviewing their Lip Lacquer in Rosie’s Peony.

The Packaging

Y’all know my fuzzy feelings for this brand! the packaging is as always, elegant, chic and sleek. Even for the low price, I’ve never thought it looked cheap. The tube of this liquid lipstick is longer than average with a normal applicator.



The Scent

I know this scent!! Definitely… It’s a warm cinnamon bun flavour! When you apply this on your lips, you immediately get a whiff of that smell!! I love it, but it’s a strong scent.

The Shade & Pigmentation 

020 Rosie’s Peony is the perfect healthy deep pink I like to go for! Not too dark and definitely not too light. The pigmentation is simply amazing. One swipe and you get a crazy amount of color. Shamelessly pigmented and full on color, I just love it!!


There are eight shades in total in this line and for the first time I feel like Catrice went a little bit out of their comfort zone offering some bright violet shade and a deep blue. I’m intrigued.

The Texture

Gooey, soft, smooth, moisturizing and thick. This makes the wear very comfortable. The finish is very glossy.


The Longevity

About 4 hours. The glossyness stays for about 3 to 4 hours and fades until the lips remain looking slightly matt. The moisture gradually disappears with the gloss. There’s no bleeding.

My Final Thoughts

Hells Bells, when I applied it on my lips, I just knew I’ve used this formula before! The Cinnamon bun smell and that moisturizing thick texture with the wonderful pigmentation… It’s exactly the same product as the Nyx Intense Butter Glosses, I’m positive! While Nyx of course has many more shades to choose from, Catrice has a smaller selection of the most wearable shades with a couple of more playful colors.

Much like the Nyx Intense Butter Glosses, this product is not transfer or smooch proof. Throughout the time it sits on your lips, it remains moisturizing and will give off a lot of product on the cup or glass you’re drinking from, which I do find a bit annoying.

For 4.8ml/tube, the Catrice product costs 3.99€, thus 0.83€/ml. The Nyx Intense Butter costs 7.30€ for 8ml/tube, thus 0.91€/ml. So the Catrice product is way cheaper (in Belgium, that is… I presume it’s the opposite in the States? Can someone confirm?)…

This is a product that I love to wear because it is so moisturizing, but I never wear it when spending a whole day with the BF. Each time I give him a kiss, the shade will transfer nicely with full on pigmentation, which is obviously something he doesn’t appreciate :p.

Will I pick up any other shades? I’m intrigued to try out some of the more special shades, but I’m not sure I’ll wear that often. Definitely not for work… Are you or have you picked up one of these shades? Which one did/will you go for?

Have a nice week lovelies!!



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