Cup of Reviews: RAINPHARMA – Faithful Face Guard (Natural skincare)

Hello Sweet Buttercups,

We are finally reviewing the last product of my Christmas gift set, which I’ve enjoyed for over the whole month of January:

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The Packaging

You know the drill by now :p. The packaging is sleek and elegant aluminum tube with a little black lid, like the other products. The full size looks pretty much the same. The elegant black handwritten lettering says: Looking for all round the clock body guard for your skin, you have found it. This sample contains 20ml of product, while the full size is 50ml for 74.95€.


The Product & it’s claims

Rainpharma likes to keep it simple so they developed this cream which is a 4-in-1: Serum, eye cream, day & night face cream. The key ingredient, red algae, is supposed to protect your skin from free radicals, inflammation, undesired bacteria, redness and sunlight (it doesn’t mention anything about SPF though, so I’m not sure which type of protection they’re speaking of). The rest of the ingredients nurtures, calms and depuffs the skin.

If you have extra dry skin, they advise you to add a couple of drops of their broccoli oil (sounds intruiging to me :p). If on the other you have a very oily skin, you’re advised to use the first month the Flawless Face Fluid.

The Scent

The scent is super herbally. It contains orange blossom. The scent can be quite strong, especially during application. The first time, after use, when I was applying my make up, I could still smell the cream the entire time :p. However, after using it for one month, I actually really like the scent. There is something so soothing and calming about it.

How does it perform? 

The paste comes out yellow. For some reason, I do find that quite unattractive. But perhaps, it’s that color because it’s made of natural ingredients? I’ve seen Clinique creams like that before and I strangely don’t love yellow creams :p. I wouldn’t mind pastel greens or purples on the other hand though (I quite honestly don’t know why…).


However, the cream itself performs wonderfully! You already see results from the moment you apply it. It feels very moisturizing, thick, but does absorb into the skin quite quickly. Your skin looks dewy, healthy and just very radiant. The redness disappears, I’m guessing because of its calming effects. But your face literally looks plump and young.

I’m not going to include a picture, because it absolutely doesn’t do it justice on camera. And you’ve seen me plenty of times without my make up haha!

My Conclusion

I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about the scent nor about the shade of the cream. And I did prefer the Korean skincare regime, where several skincare layers are applied on top of each other. Buuuut, I must confess that after one month of use, I got so used to this routine. I actually really looked forward to doing my skincare in the morning and in the evening. I really loved looking at my skin. I’ve even grown to love the scent, which has such a calming and soothing effect on me, especially after a long day of work.

But the price is sooooo steep. I’m having a hard time justifying to spend 74.95€ for a product, which will only last me for say 2.5 months (that’s like 360€ per year O_o). Granted, I don’t need to buy a separate serum, eye cream or night cream. That’s a lot of products… I do really like it though. Maybe I could get this product, but only use it in the evening? Not sure yet. But I’m certain about 1 thing, it’s life changing!

If you like products that are made with exclusively natural ingredients and that you’re not a fan of an extensive skincare routine, you might like this (granted that you don’t mind the scent :p). As you probably know, I have dry to mixed skin and it moisturized my skin just nicely.

This was it folks, this was the last product from this line. I actually really enjoyed reviewing these. I’ll definitely write a separate post on this brand, because (well, you know meeee) I do still have some thoughts to share about it!

Have a nice week beautifuls!!




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