Cup of Reviews: Valentine’s day – Catrice California in a Box (Bronzer & Blush) Palette

Hello my beautiful blushing Cupcakes,

I just finished posting my Blushing look with the Catrice California in a Box pallet. And as part of my Valentine’s day special, I’m also posting the review of this pallet! If you’ve missed my previous post, here it is:

Cup of Looks: Valentine’s day – Blushing eyes with the Catrice California in a Box (Bronzer & Blush) Palette

Let’s get straight into the review:

The Packaging

For the price of 9.89€, you get 15g / Net Wt 0.52 oz e of product. Most individual blushes are between 3.5g-5g. So that’s a lot of product. The packaging is sleek, classy and sturdy. This, I think it quite typical for Catrice, even for the low price, the packaging always seems higher end.


The shades come in big pans, which is nice to swirl in your brushes.

The Product & its Claims

This palette contains 2 matt bronzing shades, 1 pearly and 1 matt blush. The biggest pan contains a “Special Effect Top Coat”: a golden highlighting powder for an extra sun kissed glow.

The Shades


She shades are very pretty and quite neutral, with the blushes more on the corally side. The bronzers are not too grey, not too warm. But it’s obvious it is for the fair to medium skin tones. For slightly darker or even olive skin tones, I don’t think the blushes will show up. I think that my best friend with her Lebanese roots would probably use the bronzer as a blush…


I like the fact that they included different textures. You get 3 matt shades. The pearly blush looks really healthy glowing. The highlighter is a warm gold, but not too warm or yellow.

The swatches above are done with one swipe of the finger.

How does it perform?


These shades blend out nicely. Even the darkest shades blend out well. As the pans are big, I find it very easy to swirl in my brushes.


These do kick up a bit of powder, so I make sure to tap off the excess and apply with a light hand.


The shades are for my fair complexion perfect and may even show up slightly intense. But I do like it. I find them to be very pigmented. The highlighter is a top coat though. That one does show up on the skin as a very natural healthy glow. But if you’re looking for that beaming highlighter, it’s not what this one will do.


The blushes and bronzers fade slightly throughout the day, but not much.


My Conclusion


I like how compact and sturdy the packaging is. I think it’s very travel friendly, especially because of the fact that you could double these up as eyeshadows. Excuse my sad face below haha, I had a pretty busy and annoying day ahead.

Catrice California blush

The bronzers are perfect transition shades to blend out in the crease. So you could bring a pallet with crazy colors like the Urban Decay Elektric or After Dark pallets and this blush pallet could be the only other pallet you’re bringing with you.

I hope you enjoyed this extra little Sunday post! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a nice week beautifuls!!!



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