Cup of Reviews: RAINPHARMA – Elementary Toning Mist

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It looks like Winter is finally hitting Belgium… The weather is now quite cold, but I am so ready for the upcoming season haha. I am currently so inspired to start making some Spring decoration items!! The great thing about making these, is that I sometimes make several at the time. These look great in your own home. And if somehow you forget to buy someone a gift, it’s so handy to wrap these home made trinkets in cellophane. They are especially nice for someone who likes decorative items! I’ll be sure to write posts, when I diy these projects.

Today we are reviewing the 4th product from the RAINPHARMA skincare line, which is the Elementary Toning Mist. If you’ve missed my previous reviews, here they are:

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You might be interested to visit their website on:

The Packaging 

This little sample of 30ml actually looks exactly like his bigger brother of 200ml: A bottle with a spray nozzle. The black letters say: Wake up your skin with a delightful kiss of pure blossom extract. The full sized bottle costs 37.95€ and lasts between 6-7 months.


The Product & its Claims

After you’ve washed your face, your skin is pretty dried out because of the contact with water, which can be harsh. This toner mist contains rose water, which tones and relaxes the skin. This product also contains cucumber extract (cooling effect), comfrey (healing properties) and fermented corn (takes care of the moist balance).

You are supposed to spray this on your face after the gel cleansing step. The excess should be removed with a cotton pad.

The Scent

The scent surprisingly reminds me of Lush’s Tea Tree Water. It’s quite fresh and herbal at the same time.

How does it perform? 

When I finish washing my face, I always look forward to this step. It feels very refreshing and soothing on the skin. I don’t even wipe away the excess with a cotton pad, because I think it’s a waste of product. So usually, I just let it air dry while tapping lightly with my finger tips on my skin, which is supposed to help with circulation and thus the absorption of the product.

I must say, I loooooove how the mist is so fine. Out of all the products I’ve tried, this is one that you’d easily leave out of your routine if you haven’t tried it before. But now that the bottle is empty, I do have the feeling that I’m missing something…

My Conclusion

Toner mists are often products we think it just an extra product companies make to earn extra cash and that it probably wouldn’t do much for the skin. But I’ve been surprised before about the effects of a toner or a mist. I don’t exactly know how it works, but I’ve found that it really does help clearing your skin.

I do think, this product is expensive though. Because it feels very very similar to Lush’s Tea Tree Water. That one also comes with a spray and you get 250ml for 13.25€. I’m sure the RAINPHARMA one is more expensive because it contains more extracts. But if you are looking to try out toners. You might want to start out with Lush. Now, I’ve used the one from Lush in the past. And I honestly didn’t notice a difference at that time. But even if I did notice a difference now with this Elementary Toning Mist, it’s probably because I used the whole line… But all in all, I just liked the way it felt on my skin.

And again, these products are all natural and very suitable for the very sensitive skin. I absolutely recommend this product!

1 more product to review after this one. I’m sorry if you are getting tired of these reviews :p. But after my very last one, there’ll be one more general post on this brand, my skin after 1 month and after that I’ll get back to some other topics, haha!



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