Cup of Reviews: RAINPHARMA – Dedicated Face Wash

Hello Beautifuls!

Did you have a nice week? I had a very productive weekend and I had a lot of fun redecorating my living room and cleaning out some spaces in my house. While it’s still winter, I felt like welcoming spring already in my interior. Because I’m in dire need of positivity and productivity. I think that when feeling down, it’s easy to just skip this and pretend that everything is fine or just not write anything. But we’re only February so far and I’m not planning on butchering my schedule just because I have a down day.

So instead, I just wanted to be honest with you about it. I don’t want to pretend I’m doing great. But on the other hand, I don’t want this post to be negative. I’ve previously written a bit about my very first job (Cup of Life: !!Relieved and wide awake!! How to stay professional at work.). And while I thought I was far beyond it, I met an ex colleague who told me about their explanation for me leaving the company. They said to the remaining personnel I had psychological issues. You have no idea how sick this makes me feel, that they’d say this about me. And while it’s tempting to make this post a bashing post for these people, the truth is they’re not even worth my while…

Sorry for my ranting. On to some more important business!

It’s been a month since I started using the RAINPHARMA range and I’m running low on the samples, so I’ll be able to do the full review very soon. In the meantime, I still have 3 products to review. Today it’s the Dedicated Face Wash.

If you haven’t checked my previous ones, here they are:

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To see the whole product range, you can check their website on:

The Packaging 

This little sample comes in a tube, while the full size is a bottle with a pump. The typical black elegant letters say: Why cleanse your skin with chemical when you can do it with coconut and herbs? The sample contains 30ml, while the full size is 200ml and retails for 36.95€. As the sample lasted me for exactly one month, this means that the full size would last me almost 7 months!


The Product & its Claims

This product is described as a mild cleanser that will absorb water soluble dirt particles. This seems logic to be the second step because in the first cleansing step, you already absorbed the oil soluble particles. As this product is completely plant based, free of sulfates and salts, it doesn’t feel dry on the skin after you rinse it off.

On of the main ingredients is coconut, which has a softening effect. The lemon verbena should have a refreshing and calming effect on the skin. Calendula is responsible for healing little wounds and helps against itching.

The Scent

And here again is my NUMBER 1 description of the scents: Very herbal… Surprise, surprise :p.

How does it perform? 

This transparant, quite liquid gel is applied on wet skin and lathers beautifully.



The way your skin feels under your fingertips is pure softness. Even rinsing the product off your skin feels pleasant and soft. I normally apply toner after this step and then my day/night cream. But even if I don’t my skin doesn’t feel dried out or itchy, while I normally have this problem with any other cleanser.

My Conclusion

As you can tell, I’m pretty impressed. I’m quite a difficult person when it comes to cleansers. I know quite well, what I’m looking for, which is:

  • it must lather well
  • it must feel soft on the skin
  • while rising it off, it shouldn’t feel like my hand is sand paper on my face. Some products already have this drying sensation while you are rinsing it off
  • it mustn’t feel like there’s something pulling at my skin
  • it mustn’t feel itchy when my skin dries

All of these requirements are fulfilled by this product. I’m definitely sold and I dare say that this gel cleanser is my favorite so far. I will definitely purchase this one.

Do you have any cleansing products to recommend me? I’m open for suggestions! Have a beautiful week, my sweetest strawberry tarts!!




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