Cup of Reviews: Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Pallet

Hello my beautiful Eyeshadow Geeks,

First of all, I went to see the Greatest Showman in the cinema this past Sunday! And OMG… It was breathtaking, magnificent, passionate and sooo incredibly inspiring. I’d go watch it again. The songs “Never Enough” and “This is me” have been on repeat on my YouTube the entire day! Go see it, you must!! Each time, I hear “This is me”, this brings tears to my eyes. Keala Settle is such an amazing singer. The entire cast was really well chosen. Michelle Williams was so classy, elegant en natural. Hugh Jackman was simply brilliant. Overall such an inspiring movie…. Ok, just wanted to get that out of my system haha. Now on to the actual post :D))).

I’ve been following Jaclyn Hill for a couple of years now. What instantly drew me in, is her bubbly personality! She is the Youtuber who took away my fear for red eyeshadows. But you could also call her the queen of eyeshadow blending (her technique is flawless). As long as I’ve followed her, she’s been a big fan of Morphe Brushes. The first time she did a collab with this brand, it was an assembly of her favorites (of already existing shades). I never got my hands on that pallet, because at the time Morphe Brushes wasn’t available to order here in Belgium. Times have changed luckily!

Jaclyn now came out with a pallet containing her own developed eyeshadows in collaboration with Morphe Brushes. She did a vid to explain every single shadow, I’m sure you’ve seen it, yaaaaasss (but in case you haven’t, check the video here). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that this pallet was available on Beauty Bay! Because I assumed, this product was going to take half a year or so again before it would be available around this side of the planet. I also didn’t order it immediately and was weighing my pros and cons and I didn’t want to spend too much money either (the holiday season, you know). So by the time, I had made my decision it was already sold out O_o!!! Whuuuuut!! But luckily right between before Christmas, it was restocked on Beauty Bay. So I ordered this pallet immediately, thinking I’d get it 2 or 3 weeks later. But I got it soooo fast (just in a couple of days), right before New Years Eve! I couldn’t believe it. Before, I was always a bit hesitant to order from their website (just because I’m paranoid, but that’s me), but ever since I’ve placed several orders,  I have to say… I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! Especially because they have brands that you can’t really find here in Belgium and that are much talked about on YouTube.

So I’m not going to describe the shades too much. I’ll also include my swatches, but honestly, there are some beautiful pictures of swatches out there, so it’s obvious you didn’t click on this post just to see mine. Me likes to think you clicked on it, because you’re very much interested in this opinionated person’s view :p.

But enough of my ranting, let’s get straight to this Review!!

The Packaging 

It’s a thin pallet made with white cardboard and magnetic closure. There’s no mirror, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen that in a Morphe Brushes pallet. It’s quite sturdy, like The Balm pallets. On the inside, you get a little note from Jaclyn, thanking her subbies. You pay 45.47€ for net weight 56.2g / 1.98Oz product, which is a lot of eyeshadow (knowing that the regular high end pallets like the UD Naked pallets are 15g or something)!!! Even though the overall price is higher than usual for a Morphe pallet, I believe they’ve adapted the formula to develop these. But of course, let’s first have a look at the quality of the shadows.



Seeing Jaclyns video’s, you can kind of guess she loves white. But seriously, for an eyeshadow pallet? It looks very cute when you unwrap it. But I constantly need to clean with a wet towl, especially as the shadows have kick up… This gets dirty so quick!!

The Texture 

The shimmers are slightly wet feeling and look incredibly foiled (both applied with the finger or a flat eyeshadow brush). The matts have quite some kick up, but these blend like a dream. All of the eyeshadows apply easily except perhaps for the shades Twerk and Jada.

The Shade Selection

If you follow Jaclyn you know she’s obsessed with warm red hues. With this pallet she did her best to provide us a wide range of shades to play with.



The first two shades can be used as highlighters, not only for the eyes but also for the face. Enlight is quite frosty en Beam is WHAM (in your face BEAMING). It’s a pitty there’s no matt highlighter because that’s what I usually use. I don’t mind the frost and the bling on the lid, but onder the brow, I like to keep it simple.

Next up are 2 blending shades (Silk Creme and MFEO). These blend incredibly nice. They are so pigmented, you only need a little. Even though both are light blending shades, they can show up very strong on the skin. So I like to buff these out nicely before applying the next shades. I find that both have a slightly yellow/orange undertone, which I don’t mind, but it sometimes can look too warm to my liking.

I really love the next 3 shimmery shades: Faint, Sissy and Little Lady. These honestly look cute on anything!


The 2nd row is one for the warm shade lovers. I really like Pooter and Fireworks! I’ve used Butter, Pooter and Pukey for as crease shades, which blend smoothly. Fireworks is also gorgeous. It screams Jaclyn Hill. I as do lean more towards the cooler toned shades, I must say that I use this row the least.


The 3rd row is what I’d call the cooler red tones :p. My favs are Hillster and Cranapple.


The last two rows are definitely my favorites of the pallets. I love all the shades of the 3rd row. But I have the impression that Twerk is a little bit harder to apply, not sure if anyone has had that issue… Hustle is a shimmery taupy goodness, LOVE!


Pool Party is my favorite shade out of all the pallet! But Diva is also right up my alley. The darker shades we get in this last row are all matt, and blend out beautifully! They are also quite versatile, so you can combine it with different types of looks! I often use Central Park as a brow filler. Jada is a nice shade, but I find it a bit harder to blend out this shade.

My Conclusions

I have so much fun with this pallet. The texture and blendability make these shadows rival with the big brands such as Urban Decay and Too Faced. I was a bit skeptical to be honest, because my previous purchases of eyeshadows weren’t really satisfying. These on the other hand are so crazy pigmented.

Can I do neutral looks with these?
If you are the “I like neutrals everyday” kind of person, you could do neutral looks with this pallet. But in my opinion, these shadows are so pigmented, that they always show up quite strong on your eyes, even when you blend them out.

Can you do any look with these?
I personally find it an exaggeration to say that this pallet covers it all. I miss my matt highlighter. This pallet could also use a cooler toned greyish brown blending shade. She does have some cooler toned browns, but these are somewhat darker (3rd and 4th row). I find that even for cooler toned looks, if I use either of her 2 blending shades from the first row, it’ll somehow look warm. If you prefer cooler toned shades, you might get less use out of this pallet. I really find it a challenge to create cooled toned looks.

Overall, would I recommend it?
An absolute YASSSSS, if you are:

  • an eyeshadow addict
  • warm eyeshadow lover
  • a true Jaclyn Hill fan

An “ERMM, maybe not?”, if you:

  • don’t really own blending blushes and aren’t intending to get them
  • are lazy when it comes to combining colors
  • really like your cool toned eyeshadows

To finish off this blog post, here are some looks, I’ve done with this pallet.


So I really hope you enjoy this review!! Eyeshadow looks coming soon!







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