Cup of Reviews: RAINPHARMA – Comforting Clay Mask

Hello my Sunday Rabbits!

My BF likes to call Sundays the lazy day, though there’s nothing lazy about it really. I love Sundays, because I usually catch up all the house chores then. This Sunday is the last of the month of January and next week we’ll be welcoming February. I look forward to Valentine’s day. Do you guys have anything special planned? Each year, I make chocolate strawberries and decorate them… YUM!!! But that’s about it haha. We don’t really go out, even though we always say we will :p. I don’t mind though. I just like to cook a special little romantic dinner.

I’ve been using the RAINPHARMA products for almost a month now. The products that I use daily are over halfway through. I still have 4 products to review, before I’ll give you an allround post of the effects it had on my skin on long term. If you’ve missed my previous posts, make sure to have a look at them. Because I am reviewing them in a certain order!

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You can find more information on their other products on their website:

Nothing says more relaxing than taking a nice hot bath, watching some YouTube vids with some mask product on your face. I like to pamper myself once in a while (say weekly, or even better twice a week ;D).  So today, I’ll be reviewing the Calming Clay Mask from RAINPHARMA. 

The Packaging 

As it is sample size, it now came in a tube, exactly like the other samples. This time, the elegant letters say: This mask is guaranteed to make your skin soft and smooth, with no dryness. We likey. This little sample contains 20ml, while the full size is 50ml and retails for 33.95€.


The Product & its Claims

This purifying clay mask is supposed to deep clean your skin without feeling dry and itchy. It contains many different types of oils, each with their own purposes: amongst others there’s almond oil for the softness, jojoba oil for the smooth- and firmness, grape seed oil which stimulates the blood circulation, chamomile and aloe vera are supposed to calm your skin,…

It’s supposed to feel slightly tingling and warm at first, due to the stimulation of your blood circulation, after which you should feel the purifying and calming effects. For optimal results: leave on the mask betwen 10-30 minutes.

They also say that if you have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t use the mask right after you’ve scrubbed it, but rather one day later.

The Scent

Horrible description, but better than none: it’s the scent of a typical clay mask, but slightly herbal.

How does it perform? 

The cream is quite white and feels very smooth while spreading it out on my face. While applying, it doesn’t feel cold on your skin like many masks do. I do slightly feel this tingling sensation during the first 5-10 minutes, but I never really noticed my skin getting any warmer.


What I did notice, was that even though the mask was drying down, it didn’t pull at my skin. If you’ve ever used any of those clay masks from Freeman, it pulls extremely hard on your skin, so you can’t even make facial expressions. If on a scale, Freeman is a 10, then I’d say that this mask is a 4 for drying and tugging at your skin, which isn’t bad. While it was white at application, after 20 minutes, the mask dries down almost transparent. It feels dry to the touch, but there’s no tugging on the skin whatsoever. When you rinse this off, it feels incredibly soft. Another thing that I like about it, is that it’s so easy to rinse it off. When I use the Freeman mask, I just keep on splashing my face with water, which is such a waste. And even when I massage it, try to rub it off, I’d still find a spot where there’s still some product left. So it won’t surprise that I don’t often (say once per year) use that one. This RAINPHARMA mask, on the other hand is much more gentle and easy to use.


My Conclusion

I really think it’s a great mask: very gentle, very calming, easy to take off. Will I purchase the full sized one? Most likely… I generally prefer sheet masks, because you don’t have to rinse anything off. But sheet masks also tend to be quite cold. So perhaps I will get this clay mask for the winter time, because it does feel very nice.

I don’t have a lot of blackheads, so I can’t really tell if it does work for that. And to be honest, I don’t know if it does anything special for my skin. It’s difficult to judge, because I’ve been using the whole line the entire month. But if you have sensitive skin and were looking for a gentle mask, with natural products, without parabens… Then you should definitely check this out.

Have a good rest, lovelies! Tomorrow starts a new week! I’ll talk to you soon!



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