Cup of Reviews: Marc Jacobs Christmas Cracker – The Sex Kitten set

Hello my friends!!

I’m back with a review… And there are many more to come!!

I love buying products with the purpose to write you a well meant review. I get very disappointed when I purchase a product and that it doesn’t work out. Even if I get to write you guys a review, I still spent money on it, so somehow I do need to use it up… Usually this stuff ends up somewhere in the house, completely forgotten, and… I then also completely miss out on writing the review until the product is no longer available. Seriously, that’s like the story of my life.

However, when I’ve found something I’m excited about, I can hardly contain myself. Here I was looking around on for Christmas gift ideas, when I saw a whole range of Christmas crackers. I’ve never seen those before in Belgium. We don’t do Christmas crackers over here… That is, up until this year!! There were so many pretty more affordable gift sets to choose from: Jimmy Choo perfume, Tony Moly, Skinfood, Marc Jacobs and so many more. My eye fell on this cute Marc Jacobs gift. As this brand has very sleek and classy packaging, I thought that would be great for my best friend! I couldn’t help, but also order an extra. You never know (wink wink ;D).

It stayed for almost a month under the Christmas tree (I was a very good girl!), but after New Year, it was time for me to crack open this beauty. I must say, I didn’t expect to like it this much!

The Products

This kit was available for 17.95€ and came with 2 products:

  • A mini Le Marc Lip Crème in nr. 246 Slow Burn (Net Wt. 1.7g/ 0.005Oz)
  • A mini Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in 10 Noir (Net Wt 6.0g/ 0.21 Oz)

These travel sizes look exactly like the full sizes: sleek and just simply elegant, except that it’s even cuter. It fits right in the palm of my hand. The minies are actually half the weight of the full sizes. 17.95€ is almost half the price for the Lip Crème alone. This means you get the mini Mascara as a bonus.


Its Claims

Lip Crème:

  • Lasts 10 hours
  • Your lips feel buttery and creamy
  • Vibrant pigment with one swipe

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara:

  • Major Drama, Oversized Lashes, Velvet-like look
  • Look of false lashes
  • Thick lashes in a blink
  • Instant volume

How did it perform?

The Lip Crème

The Lip Crème glides on beautifully. This shade is nude and warm at the same time, but not orangy or pink, it’s in between. It’s a magnificent shade. I naturally have darker lips, so if wearing a shade that’s too light, it would wash me out. This one is just perfect. I was first sceptic when I looked at it in the bullet. But after the firt swipe, I was IN… LOVE…


  • It felt heavenly on the lips, creamy, buttery, but not heavy
  • The pigmentation was insane. I usually don’t love nude shades as they can make me look dead. But this is jut perfection!
  • Smoochproof: it is completely approved by the BF! It doesn’t give off and there’s no scent whatsoever.

Did it last me 10h? No, rather 6h, but I was eating, drinking, babbling, eating, drinking,… haha you get the drill. I could reapply this all the time. That velvetty feeling is so luxurious and comfortable.

I’ve been wearing it the whole week, with bolder eye looks but also with very natural looks.


The Mascara

Y’all know how picky my droopy lashes are: don’t like to hold any curl at all, like to be straight and boring. And above ALL… love to sweep mascara on my glasses, so that I get mini scratch marks. Yes, yes, very sexy indeed. As if that’s not enough, they’re a bit on the shorter side too. You’ll understand, I need a mascara that can help me discipline these stubborn lashes to stay curled and to lengthen them so that you can at least see them on my eyes…

Aside from a good formula, I do find a good brush shape to be important, as it can do wonders for the application and could help the curl hold better (so they say). For me this shape is good, because it helps me get into those little corners where my lash hairs also tend to be very short… We don’t want the half mascara/half none eye look, now do we?! I also like the fact that this brush covers almost completely my whole lash in one swipe, I don’t need to apply it in different angles to cover all my hairs.


After 1 layer, you get quite a natural look. It held my curl a bit, but it definitely drooped down. When I add a 2nd coat, it gets very clumpy and pulls my lashes down until they point straight outward, looking like spider legs… Not the look I go for…

Marc Jacobs no waterproof base

1. without curl or mascara, 2. lashes curled without mascara, 3. lashes curled with 2 coats Marc Jacobs, 4. after a couple of minutes

I’m not going to shoot this mascara though, I just have very difficult lashes. Some of you might recall that I usually put a first coat of a waterproof mascara (mostly Essence I (l) Extreme mascara). If you after that coat then add the Marc Jacobs mascara, it clumps like crazy, however, the curl stays and I get tons of volume giving me that dramatic look that I’m looking for.

comparison Marc Jacobs & Essence + Marc Jacobs

The 2 methods compared


After 15 hours of wear… Yes, it was a long day. This was taken right after my Belly Dance classes. The lashes didn’t budge, however their position was at 7.30 am in the morning and at 10.30 pm in the evening…


And today, it was more symmetric as both eyes were first coated with the Essence mascara and then the Marc Jacobs one…

My Conclusion

Whether this kit is still available or not, I loved the products that it came with. I really appreciate a good creamy, smoochproof lipstick. This texture is everything! I will definitely be looking out for more of these lip products. I’m very tempted to buy the lipkit below:

I also like the mascara very much, mainly in combination with the Essence I (L) Extreme waterproof mascara. It can both be natural (1 coat) as extreme and clumpy (2nd coat). Do I think it’s worth the price? The full price is 27.5€. I never spend that much on a mascara before and I don’t plan on doing it soon… I like it, but I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on it. But if you are a mascara person, you might really enjoy it.

Those are my 2 cents on these products… Did you also get your hands on this kit? Or have you tried a lot of Marc Jacobs products? Which products would you recommend?



3 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Marc Jacobs Christmas Cracker – The Sex Kitten set

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Aww thank you!! I haven’t used that mascara before. I’ll definitely try it! Thx for the suggestion! xoxo Sarah


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