Cup of Reviews: Essence All About The Eyeshadows Magical Forest

Hello lovely cupcakes,

How was your week? Are you having any fun ideas for the end of year period? If so, please do share! I’ve already started looking around and looking for inspiration. If you guys are interested, I can do a post on some gift ideas (not only make up related of course, for the non metropolitan guys and other non make up crazies out there :D). As you know, what I love about end of year presents, is the giving part. It’s so satisfying seeing someone’s happy face because you chose the exact right gift, because it shows that you know them and love them.

But today, I’ll talk about something I decided to gift myself haha. I’ve since a couple of weeks broken my non buy period, which dragged on longer than I anticipated, but hey… that’s life :D. A week ago, I went to my local drugstore, you know the one, my good old Kruidvat. This cute little pallet caught my eye:


So today, I’ll treat you to a little review ;). I’ve reviewed some of these eyeshadow pallets before, if you haven’t read it, you can check it here.

The Packaging

You get a little clear compact pallet with 8 different shades, without a mirror. The pro is definitely the fact that you can see the colors, so it makes it easier to choose your pallets. Furthermore the plastic feels sturdy and not cheap at all.

There are some cute letters and drawings on the packaging in silver letters, reminding a lot of Alice in Wonderland. It seems quite different in style compared to the other pallets, so I’m not sure whether this pallet is a limited edition.

For 3.99€, you get 9.5g New Wt/0.33 oz eyeshadow. Which is quite a lot if you consider that an Urban Decay Naked pallet contains 12g of product.



The Eyeshadows

Like the other pallets from this line, the shadows feel incredibly soft to the touch, very comparable to Urband Decay eyeshadows. They swatch easily and are easily applied with a brush.

I feel that with these shadows, it is easier to do an all over the lid look than blend different shades with each other, even though it is not impossible. But as all the finishes are shimmery, I prefer to keep it in one shade anyway or maximum 2 shades.

No discoball look for me thank you. And furthermore, blending too much shades ends up looking very muddy…

The Shades

What drew me in were definitely the bright vibrant shades. Looking at this pallet like this, you’re not immediately attracted to it’s colors. But when you start swatching, that’s when the magic happens. All the shades are shimmery. So you might wonder, what am I to do with a pallet with all these colors.  Let’s have a look at them individually:

Essence swatches

The first shade is a beautiful pearly shade with a soft hint of corally pink and a satiny finish. This works great as an inner corner highligther but also on the middle of your eyelid to create interesting looks.

Essence Pink Pearl

The second shade is a gorgeous coral shade. It’s right up my alley, you know how much I love these, how they can warm up an eye look without being too warm. This shadow has a soft golden shimmer to it. It works beautifully all over the lid for a simple eye look. Effortless and glamorous.

Essence Coral

Now, the next shade must be my favorite out of all this pallet. This apple green has a silvery sheen to it. Strangely, when you apply it all over the lid, it looks slightly smokey.  I’ve been wearing it all over the lid with my winged eye liner. On the eye it doesn’t look as vibrant as in the pallet, but nonetheless very pretty in natural light.

Essence Apple Green

The next shade can be best described as a pure pearl shade with some silver shimmer. I like to use it on the inner corner of my eye, though never on the brow bone as it would be too shimmery. I usually like to keep the bling on the eyelid and not above (because starting there it get’s a bit discoball in my opinion haha).

Essence white pearl

Onto the next row. The darkest shade out of this whole pallet is a chocolaty rich brown with a satiny finish. Can be used for a lovely smokey look, alone or in combination with the other shades.

Essence Chocolate

The sixth shade is a dark purple and definitely the most shimmery shade out of this pallet. It’s a very buildable shade. It applies softer than in the pan, but with a dark base, you can create a dark smokey eye.

Essence purple

You can’t call a pallet Magical Forest without a beautiful turquoise blue. Swatched, this color is lighter than in the pan. The shade is a bit more muted but very pretty all over the lid. The blue shimmer is very flattering on the eyes.

Essence Seafoam blue

The last shade is my least favorite shade. It’s a bright pink, that reminds me a lot of Totally Fetch from Too Faced in the Chocolate Bonbons pallet.

Essence Hot Pink

Are these dupes from any high end shade?

I have a decent collection of Too Faced and Urban Decay pallets, so let’s compare! Not saying that I found any dupes, but it’s nice to see how this pallet performs next to the “Big Ones”.

The battle of the pearls:


  1. Too Faced Chocolate Bonbons: Sprinkles ==> soft pink
  2. Essece Magical Forest: Pink pearl ==> warmer than Sprinkles
  3. Urban Decay Naked: Sin ==> deeper pink with metallic finish
  4. Essence Magical Forest: Pearl
  5. Too Faced Chocolate Bonbons: Satin sheets ==> yellowy undertone
  6. Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Iced ==> most shimmery shade of all, frosty white

The battle of the Corals:


  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach: Just Peachy ==> corally pink with a soft golden shimmer
  2. Urban Decay After Dark: Scene ==> almost a metallic corally gold
  3. Essence Magical Forest: Coral ==> is a deeper coral than the other two

The battle of the Greens:


  1. Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Mean ==> much more vibrant green, with lots of yellow
  2. Urban Decay Elektric: Freak ==> deeper green and also a lot more vibrant
  3. Essence Magical Forest: Apple green ==> more muted and cool toned, looks almost turquoise next to the other two shades.

The battle of the Chocolates:


  1. Urban Decay Naked: Dark Horse ==> true deep brown
  2. Too Faced Chocolate Bonbons: Dark Truffle ==> deeper warmer brown
  3. Essence Magical Forest: Chocolaty brown ==> coldest brown of the 3 with a metallic finish

The battle of the Purples:


  1. Essence Magical Forest: Purple ==> darkest and metallic purple
  2. Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Sketch ==> sheerest of the five
  3. Too Faced Chocolate Bonbons: Black current ==> deeper warmer purple, more plum
  4. Urban Decay After Dark: Druggie ==> bright purple
  5. Urban Decay Elektric: Urban ==> deep violet

The battle of the Seafoamy blues:


  1. Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Blindsided ==> very muted greenish seafoamy blue, but as you can see, it’s matt and is a little bit less pigmented
  2. Urban Decay After Dark: Fringe ==> incredibly vibrant and pigmented metallic seafoamy blue.
  3. Essence Magical Forest: Blue ==> lightest blue shade, but definitely nicely pigmented.

The battle of the Pinks:


  1. Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Gossip ==> deep vibrant berry pink
  2. Too Faced Chocolate Bonbons: Totally Fetch ==> least pigmented pink shade of the four
  3. Urban Decay Elektric: Savage ==> very pigmented matt Barbie pink
  4. Essence Magical Forest: Pink ==> lightest most wearable pink, but pigmented nonetheless

As you can see, next to the high end eye shadows out there, Essence does perform nicely. Compared to the other vibrant shades, the shades from the Essence pallet are quite wearable, for which I will show you some looks that I’ll do in future posts.

My conclusion

I have double feelings about this pallet. For easy, one or two shadow looks, this pallet works amazingly well. I’ve been using it every single day, applying it with the finger or a brush. Especially my favorite shades, the apple green and the blue, look pretty just like that all over the lid. The shimmer looks beautiful and the shades stay on the eyes the whole day (I of course always use an eyeshadow primer). This pallet is great for people who don’t want to spend too much time in the morning, but still want to step out of their comfortzone (meaning neutral shades) and try out some color and still look classy.

But on the other hand, this pallet has no matt shades and the shades are a bit muddy to blend with each other. So when you want to do more complex looks, you’d need to pull in some other shadows. So if you were hoping to find eyeshadows with great blendability, this pallet is not the one for you.

Overall, I like it! During this period of the year, I don’t feel like doing too complexe looks and these look great as stand alone shadows on the eyes.

I hope you liked this review! If you like the pallet, stay tuned for some make up looks coming up! Have a nice week!




7 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Essence All About The Eyeshadows Magical Forest

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    I love how colorful this palette is! I don’t think I ever use more then 2 shades of shadow at a time and I always use my finger to apply it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      For one or 2 shadow looks, using your fingers is indeed enough! It’s indeed a beautiful palette, and most importantly very wearable!! I just love it!! Thanks for dropping by Alan!! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

      • LivingOutLoud says:

        My reader doesn’t always show me my favorite blogs that’s why I have been falling behind lately. Always a joy to pay you a visit, Sarah!

        ❤ Alana

        Liked by 1 person

      • sarahscupofbeauty says:

        Thanks Alana :D!!! Always glad to have a little chat with you! Same for me, I always get behind with reading everyone’s blog! xoxo Sarah

        Liked by 1 person

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