Cup of Reviews: Keep the summer tan with the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze BB Summer Legs

Hello lovelies,

I can’t believe we’re almost the end of October! I’m sure most of you have already lost their natural tan by now, except for the few lucky ones who went on vacation in September still. Personally, I don’t really tan except for my face, hands and shoulders. But as you know, I’m adamant about applying sunscreen. So that leaves me quite pale throughout the year. I don’t mind though because the BF is also quite fair.

Nonetheless, my legs never look pretty: I have a lot of spots, a lot of bruises (yes I’m clumsy), a lot of scars (did I mention clumsy?!). So when L’Oréal came out with a BB cream for the legs, I must say I was immediately intrigued. That’s like a moisturizing foundation for the legs! I’m all about that. This concept reminded me of something Blake Lively said in an interview years back (in her Gossip girl days): she’d mix her body lotion with some foundation to even out the skin tone of her legs. Genius really! And that girl is gorgeous! Whatever beauty tricks she shares, I’ll take it!

What does the product look like? 

The tube is hot pink! I’m normally a huge fan of pink (you guys know that’s my color), but I’d probably even mistake it for sunscreen. I think that if it’s supposed to be a BB cream (even if it’s for other body parts than your face), it should look a bit more like a BB or foundation tube with more neutral colors.

loreal bottle

So when I put some on the back of my hand, you can see a thick orange cream (boy oh boy, orange… I don’t wanna look like Oompa Loompa!!). Apparently, there’s only one shade…


What does it claim to do? 

Instant tanned legs… It promises to give a natural tanned glow, an immediate even skin tone, blur out imperfections, 24h hydration and a very soft skin.

It is supposed to be washable with some soap. This product doesn’t contain any selftanning substances. Furthermore, it doesn’t rub off on your clothes (erm, that’s a given, no??? I mean, I’d never buy it anyway if it did).

How did it perform? 

I took some product on my finger and dotted it evenly over my legs and then it massaged all over. It left the legs feeling soft, but not overly sticky. I did feel it was BB cream on the skin. I mean, there is a difference between wearing a moisturizer and a BB cream or foundation on your face. You know it’s there, as it’s an extra layer on the skin. It’s not designed to be absorbed in the pores, if you know what I mean. It’s supposed to sit there.

The coverage is medium and you can build it up, though it would look more orange. Right off the bat, I can see that it looks a tinge too orange for me, but it beautifully evens out the skin and warms up my pale skin nicely (below on the left, on the right you can see my unfiltered perfectly spotty legs).


As I was outside, I decided to do a splash test. Imagine, you going to a party and it starts raining and you forgot your umbrella. It can happen… Or if you’re clumsy like me, you might accidentally knock over a glass of water or any other liquid… For the sake of this test I took some tap water on my fingers (not much) and started splashing it on my legs. Look what happened (I didn’t touch the exposure when editing the picture and left the colors as is):


Now, just to be clear, there was no soap mixed with the water when I splashed it on my legs. It was pure H2O from the tap, as mentioned before.

Where the water touched my legs, it removed the product and dripped down. This water mixed with BB cream will taint anything it touches. So if you happen to run up to someone, that person is going to get some orange product on their pants or dress. If you’re wearing white shoes, it’ll definitely ruin them.


  1. The fact that this BB cream only needed some water to dissolve, could lead to some nightmare situations. Now, when it comes to my face, when it’s a BB cream or foundation, I always set it either with powder or with a setting spray. I know I’m quite high maintenance, but having to do that for my 2 legs is a bit far stretched.
  2. When you buy a BB cream or a foundation, there are always different shades for different skin tones. This orange cream might make some very fair person look like oompa loompa and on people with deeper skin tones it won’t even show up.

I think the idea is intriguing. But as long as this stuff is not waterproof, I’d rather not risk it. Also, I’d prefer to have a shade that would match my skin better. I mean, there should at least be a neutral, a warm toned and a cool toned one.

So for now if you want a tan, I’d say go for a sunless tanning lotion.

Despite my negative review on this product, props for trying though! I did have fun testing this out and it’s something a little bit different!

Have you picked this product up yet? Did it perform the same way it did for me? Because who knows, perhaps I got a dud?

Hope you liked this little review and I’ll talk to you in my next post!!




7 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Keep the summer tan with the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze BB Summer Legs

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Hi Sarah!
    This summer I did the least amount of tanning ever! I don’t go “tanning” for the sake of tanning, but I used to try to swim in an outdoor pool as much as possible then sit out in the sun (wish copious amounts of sunscreen, of course) and read a good book. This year I decided not to sign up for a gym membership because I wanted to save money. I definitely missed it, but it all worked out.
    I am impressed with the contrast when you showed the picture with one leg in BB cream and one without. It looked sunkissed and was a pretty good result, but it is too bad that it didn’t survive the splash test. I live in rainy washington where it has rained nearly every day for the past 3 weeks so I don’t think the product would stand a chance in this state.
    Thanks for writing this great review!

    ❤ Alana


    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Hi Alana!! you’re welcome girl!! Glad you’re dropping by!
      Aaah I know what you mean. I entirely stopped going to the gym for the simple fact that I don’t like it. I just can’t bring myself up to do repitive things. I’ve concluded that I just love dancing and that it’s already costly enough to pay for 2 dance courses twice per year…
      Hahaha, yes, very sunkissed, but the truth is, it’s too orange in contrast with the rest of my body. It should be a tad bit less orange. But I would’ve gladly used it if it would’ve survived the splash test. But then again, there are some great self tanners out there. Why bother with something you’d have to wash off right away…

      Glad to be back :D. I’ve so much missed writing!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • LivingOutLoud says:

        Hi Sarah!
        I can relate to you on the whole gym thing. I don’t really enjoy that setting either. And when I did get myself to go to the gym I was mainly attending dance classes 🙂
        I think it is best to stay active doing things that bring us joy and dancing is such a great workout!

        I am so glad that you are back!

        ❤ Alana


  2. Tigritsa says:

    This product sounds different! The concept itself is a good one I suppose but is not executed well. The fact that such a little amount of water caused it to drip down the legs like that is not good!! And I can’t blame you for not wanting to powder your legs! Can you imagine you had to powder and apply setting spray too?! That would be funny XD


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