Cup of Life: Emovimento – Dance her history

Hello Beautifuls,

Dear goodness, can you believe it’s been a year that I’ve been blogging!!! OMG, how fast can the time go by!!! I’ve been enjoying the ride so much! Thank you for your love and support friends!!

1 year anniversary.PNG

As promised, I’m updating you on my dancing show this past Sunday!! It was so much fun! I met such talented dancers. And there was such a huge diversity in styles, which is absolutely amazing to discover! The whole theme was about the different aspects of being a woman. Our dance teacher Elisheba came up with this concept. After having practiced for weeks, it was finally the big day. My partner Saskia and I teamed up to form a duo called Espadarte. We were so passionate about this whole event, that we hired a room at the gym to practice 2 extra hours per week. Aside from my usual activity, it was pretty intense.

Sunday started really early for me as I volunteered to do the make up of the 5 lovely ladies that were going to do the opening dance of the show with me. I had planned to take pictures, but it was quite hectic in the morning, trying to do my hair and make up. I underestimated the time needed. It also didn’t help that it was suffocatingly hot!

For my eyes I went for a look I recently posted (check it here) as it really worked well with the colors of my outfits.


For lips, I went for a dark nude marker (the Aqua Lip Liner) from Catrice that didn’t budge (I did a review on it here) throughout the WHOLE day… talking about full bullet proof!!!

For those of you, who are curious, here are the links to the 2 Youtube vids of the dances I participated in:

Yearning (choreo from Isaline)

Our teacher Isaline, made a choreography for the most beautiful belly dance song, Yearning, I thought she made it very simple and elegant!

Enchanted Egypt 1 (performed by Espadarte)

The 2nd song was based on a choreo from Elis Pinheiro, one of the greatest belly dancers that I immensely admire!!! We were so inspired by YouTube, that we needed the fanveils to complete the song.



And here are some amazing pictures of the rest of the show! Below are our teachers: Isaline and Kenza. Their theme was diversity and curves! It was explosive, elegant and simply beautiful!!

isaline & Kenza.jpg

Definitely one of my favorite acts was the Samba performed by Las Passistas del Norte! Their theme was Shameless! Hell yeah, I’m all about shameless people!!!


The queen of the day, was definitely Queenie!

Queenie 1

Queenie 2

There were many great dancers!! I’m a bit bummed that my dad didn’t take a picture of everyone!!!

It truly was a wonderful day and I’m still daydreaming about it. One thing is for sure! It ain’t my last belly dance show haha! This screams for more! Thank you so much to Elisheba to have organized such a beautiful show!

Here she is with her adorable little baby. Her dance act was incredibly touching and beautiful! Great job!!!


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this quick little post! Stay tuned for the upcoming post: finally the long awaited Urban Decay Full Spectrum pallet!!!



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