Cup of Reviews: Garnier Ambre Solaire – Dry Protect SPF 30

Hello my sweet Ice Cream Cones!!

We are Monday again, can you believe it? Some people are now in the midst of preparing their exams in the heat… I finished college years ago, but I haven’t forgotten about the torture. So for those of you who are studying right now, I am rooting for you!!

To be honest, I used to be the type of student who was hiding somewhere at a cool place in the house, half naked on top of that during this hot period. But never ever did I study in the sun. I just never really liked sitting in the scorching heat. So yeah, I’m pretty fair. My mom used to tell me to go more outside, to get some color. But after a couple of years working in an office and having long winters… I just find myself enjoying the sunlight and thanks to good sunglasses I now have less difficulties sitting outside. Of course, I only go outside with sun protection.

Now is also the period of the time that students take their books outside to learn and enjoy the sun at the same time. But students aren’t the only people enjoying some Vitamine D. Other people may also enjoy their lunch break outside, with huge sunglasses and a nice salad or an ice cream. Love it!

But I have noticed that many go without applying any sunscreen… It makes me cringe!…. cringe!!!… when I see people going outside for an hour or so without ANY protection at all! Your poor skin!? How is it that in this day and age – where social media, classic media, schools,… talk about it openly – there are still people who torture their skin like this, in this scorching heat?? Everybody and their momma’s know that the sun is the biggest cause for skin aging. There have been tons of documentaries in which this topic is treated, each year the News is repeating that you should wear sun protection,… And still, there are people who don’t… So this means that those people deliberately expose their skin like this… It’s your choice of course, but please protect your kid’s sensitive skin!

Now, I know, I knoooooooow what you’re gonna say! “But… but, I hate sunscreen! I don’t like how it feel sticky! And it smells sooooo sunscreen-y”. Well flash news here: ME TOO!!! But it’s not an excuse! Or yet another excuse that I often hear: “I need it to turn red before it turns brown”. WHAT, are you a cookie?!!

Anyhows, I don’t want to nag… The whole point of this post is obviously to share my find haha!! But no, seriously… It’s important!

I recently went to Kruidvat to look for a sunscreen. This spray caught my attention because it said: “Dry Protect”. Usually when I put on sunscreen, I need to wash myself as soon as I get inside. It feels soooo unpleasantly sticky, that I feel like I’ll absorb all the dirt that’s in the air… So when I read “Dry Protect”, I knew I needed this in my life! I don’t know how long this is on the market, but I’ve only discovered it just now :p…


The Packaging

It looks like a full size deodorant. The bottle feels nicely cool. The spray that comes out of the nozzle is even.

You get 200 ml for 18,99€. This is the medium SPF. If you go for a 50, it costs 19,99€ and an SPF 20 would cost 17,99€. If you are an outdoor sportsperson, there is also a sport variant with SPF 50 for 19,99€.

The Claims

This claims to be an protective spray, that doesn’t feel sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also claims to not be greasy and is water resistant.

It does say to re-apply especially after swimming or sweating.

The Use

I apply a white coat on my arm from 25 cm distance. It feels so refreshing and cooling on the skin!! I then rub it in with my other hand. It does look shiny and oily. When I go back inside after 30 minutes of lunch (out in the open air and full on in the scorching sun where everyone’s sitting), I go back in. I notice that my skin feels soft and dry, but has a lingering smell of sunscreen. It doesn’t bother me, as I’m already so happy that my skin had already absorbed it.

You are not allowed to spray on your face. I did try to spray in my hand and then rub it over my face, but it did sting my eyes a bit.

My Conclusion

Three words for you: I am sold!!!

My skin honestly easily burns. And on my face, I tend to get huge pigment spots, which I want to avoid at all times. I’d say this product can protect your face, but as it stings your eyes, I wouldn’t recommend it. It also happened if my hand were already dry for some time and that I’d forget about it and touch my eyes… It doesn’t feel pleasant, I’ll tell you that! But for my face, I have my Etude House BB cream anyway which contains sunscreen. For me, it’s important that again, it’s a fuss free product that doesn’t make me feel like a wet greasy mess… And that I can safely use at work, where it would seem strange to go wash myself after lunch… So luckily it absorbs quickly.

For those of you with keen eyes… Yes that a frog in the corner of the picture. I took a photo of my flask/bottle (Which one is it?) in my BF’s terrarium haha! Here the frog is in her full glory…


Hope you don’t mind my ranting and enjoyed this quick review!!

I’ll talk to you guys soon! Have a lovely week!







7 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Garnier Ambre Solaire – Dry Protect SPF 30

  1. Always Cleia says:

    I’ve never tried dry spray sunscreen, but I am intrigued! I ALWAYS wear sunscreen. My husband has this idea in his head that after 4pm you can’t burn (something his mom told him as a kid apparently), and it just baffles me. I normally use Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen but I always feel greasy when I get back inside, so this might work well for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Some things your parents tell you when you were young stat with you for a very long time. That’s why it shocks me that people deliberately burn so they’ll be more tanned afterwards… My BF’s dad works in the garden all day xithout any sunscreen. He says I don’t burn easily, but he does anyway… So one day he had a spot on his shoulder which appeared to be benign afterwards. But he was scared like crazy. So you’d think he’ll now wear sunscreen… But no… I’ll just be content taking care of myself. And we’ll see in 25 years… I love this product anyways! Xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

      • Always Cleia says:

        Ahaha some people are so set in their ways!! It’s like smoking, we know it has so many negative consequences but people still do it. I’ll just keep wearing sunscreen too!

        Liked by 1 person

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