Cup of Life: BuJo Plan with Me – June 2017

Hello Beautifuls,

I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend so far!!! This is it! Today is the day I’m participating in the dance show!! I’ll definitely write a post on this once it’s over and that I get a bit of time for myself again. As before the show, I’ll do the make up of 5 beautiful ladies, I’ll be stressed like crazy. Hence I’m pre-writing this post… As a matter of fact, today is Thursday for me! The sun is shining bright and beautiful and I decided to spend the entire day in my garden working on my Bullet Journal.

Some people write their month setup in one hour. How on earth they do that, is a great mystery to me. Because it takes me a whole full day to do it… Literally…

Let me show you, what I did for the upcoming month! I’m so excited!! I decided to go for an ocean, mermaid theme. I love drawing chibies (little manga characters). I always have, because you can express certain emotions without having to draw anything complicated… I of course had to incorporate my favorite shades again: purple, blues, turquoise and pink!


Even though I enjoyed May’s setup very much. I was last month a bit too fast with my monthly logs. This time around I thought about it long and hard haha!

First of all, I now made sure to align my weekends so that I can color the same lines in turquoise. I’ll be working with the bubble theme all month long, with here and there some doodling, but a little bit more toned down. Last month I crammed way too much in one space, and this month is all about serenity!


I noticed in May that I shouldn’t plan my blog posts too far ahead, because I tend to change the content. What I’m very happy about is that I did plan ahead with posting and that for the whole month of May, I posted every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I’m going to try to continue that! Now in my previous setup, there wasn’t enough room. So I now decided to foresee 2 lines per post. As I don’t have much space, I decided to leave out the other non posting days. I kept it simple with my little squids…


I’ve been very much inspired by Boho Berry for my Life tracker. So here’s what I came up with. I tend to neglect my house chores to go dance and write on my blog. So this tracker will definitely remind me each time to make time to do some chores. I also decided to put a graph below to follow my mood, workout time and weight loss (gain, hopefully not!!).


Not sure what to call the next page. I guess it’s a bit like a brain dump but more organized. I spend so much time watching that I do need to write down my wish list. I should also set some goals each month to stay productive and working towards my dream :).


Then follows my food log. This was previously my menu planner. But I found that I often deviate from what I had planned, so I gave up on planning that. Instead, I’ll now use it as a food diary.


The next page is blank for me to make Ocean themed doodles. I find that when I make doodles of something, I’ll get much better at drawing it. I love anything that has to do with the ocean. I’ve always wanted to make a certain big drawing, which looks like a fish tank, but has mini mermaids and jelly fish in it… I haven’t started the project yet, because I need to practice certain drawings some more. So that’s what this page is for…


Than there are my weekly logs. I’ve decided to go for a much simpler design than previous month because I noticed that I didn’t have enough room to write my to do’s, that I didn’t always need my workout area or my event area… So I’ll now use colors for workouts and events and write my to do’s in black. The little flower on the right is roughly based on the flower Ariel wore in her hair at the beginning of the animated Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. Ariel put this in Triton’s hair after the princess singing show, which she missed.

The flower that I drew here for each day has 4 petals. Each petal represents 0.5 l of water. It is thus my drinking log… So if I want to color the flower, I’ll have to drink 2 l of water each day… It’s part of my weight loss plan…

The dates are in a little shell, if you haven’t noticed :). I thought it looked cute.


And here is the last page for the month of June. I had some space left and decided to draw a mermaid with a harp :p.


It’s a little bit different from the previous two months, but the style is still very me. I hope you like it and I’d love to hear what you’ll draw in your BuJo the upcoming month!!



12 thoughts on “Cup of Life: BuJo Plan with Me – June 2017

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief says:

    Love the theme for this month! I don’t draw in my bullet journal, I’m terrible at it! Instead I go for a minimal look with colour. I love looking at the illustrated ones but I know I’d just get annoyed with them if they were on my layouts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thx Lovely :D! That’s really the beauty of bullet journaling. You can do it just the way you like it! I can get hypnotized by watching vids about BuJo. Even if it’s not my style haha. I admit, it can get a bit crammed. But I try to write as small as possible to not get that effect. But I couldn’t live without my doodles. Each month, I’m so much looking forward to creating my next theme! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thank you so much!!!! I’m glad you like it!! That’s sooo strange! I’ve never heard that before about the subbing… I’ll have a look at it!
      xoxo Sarah


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