Cup of Empties: May 2017

Hi there Lovelies,

Time for a cup of empties, don’t you think?! I get sad and so excited at the same time to toss an empty in my basket. I get sad because it’s used up, but not always because sometimes I get so tired of it. And I feel thrilled that I get to talk about it with you guys!

Behold, my cup of Empties! All the pictures are taken in my garden. Props to my lovely BF, who’s tending the flowers with much love!


Etude House Collagen Moistfull: Facial Freshener and Emulsion

Now I’ll start off with my most boring products that you’ve seen before in one of my empties… I told you before, I went berserk on Korean make up in Singapore, in Tokyo and in Vietnam that I’ve accumulated so many bottles of the Collagen Moistfull line, that several years later, I still have a whole stock. You could say, why don’t you give it away, but honestly I think that I bought so I should use it up. It’s a punishment and reminder I shouldn’t go crazy in a cute pink shop…


You apply the Facial Freshener right after you’ve cleansed your face. Your skin will drink up this very runny serum like tonic-ish (but thicker) product. Next I often apply my eye cream before I use the Emulsion. This feels like a runny cream. I love using it in the summer because it is moistfull but light at the same time.

Again, these took me forever to use up. I started these flasks exactly one year ago. They last soooo long! Would I repurchase them again? Heck no! I got so tired of them. Would I recommend it! Ooooh yes, I would! They’re very good, I just am in dire need of trying out new stuff haha!

Kiko: Face Make up fixer (7,90€ for 75 ml)

This make up fixer felt nice and cooling on the face, but not wet at all, which I liked. I used it for 3 weeks straight. Why 3 weeks only you say? Because the darn thing got empty after only 3 weeks! Did I like it? Yes, very much! Would I recommend it? No… there’s too little product in it…


Rituals Soothing Shower Oil in “Shanti” (Indian Rose & Sweet Almond) (8,5€ for 200 ml)

These belong in my empties, always,… because I use them all year round! Rituals products are amazing. They smell heavenly, like you’re doing a spa in your own bathroom. I particularly like this shower oil because it leaves my skin smelling so good, moisturized and luxurious feeling. It doesn’t leave an oily residu on your skin, which is a plus. Some oils make you feel borderline greasy. this doesn’t do that! Yes, I’d repurchase it, but mostly I get this for a birthday or Christmas! Everyone knows how much I love this brand!

This product is especially nice when you combine it with the scrub from Rituals. You’ll be sure to make the scent last!


Rituals Shimmering Body Cream in “The Ritual of Karma” (holy lotus & bergamot) (15,50€ for 200 ml)

I don’t know how many body creams I’ve used up from Rituals. No matter which scent you choose, there’s a certain fresh signature you’ll always recognize (I also have that with Victoria’s Secret body products). These body creams are incredibly moisturizing and are absorbed very quickly into the skin.  The scent lingers for quite some time and makes your bathroom smell like a spa. Love it! Will of course continue buying it! This particular one was limited edition.


Sephora Exfoliating Gum Wash in Peony (8,5€ for 160 ml)

If you’ve read my review a while ago (check it out here), you’ll know that I love this product. I’ve seen that now has several different scents, so I’m definitely planning on trying those out (especially mango, monoi and cotton flower are screaming my name).


Nivea Make Up Remover under the shower for sensitive skin (4,99€ for 150 ml)

Yes… I… will… repurchase…. Read my review here.


Herborist All Day Softening Cleansing Foam (22€ for 150 ml)

I used this cleanser every morning. It felt light and soft on the skin. Afterwards my skin would also feel a bit dry, but as I always moisturize anyway, it doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure whether I’d buy this in the future. It was a nice product, but nothing that blew me away!


Essence I love Stage Eyeshadow Base (2,59€ for 4 ml)

I used this product as my primer. And to be quite honest, I didn’t notice a difference with Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It didn’t crease on me and held the shadows nicely. A must have!


Maybelline the Rocket Volum’ Express Waterproof (7,99€ for 9,6 ml)

Great mascara with a fat wand. Not my favorite, so I’ll be likely to go back to my Colossal or Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline. However, I’m the type of girl who likes clumpy mascara. This Rocket mascara separates the lashes quite nicely. It also holds the curl very nicely. If you’re into that, then go for it. It is also available in the shade brown, which is a plus…


NYX Cosmetics HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder (100% pure mineral)

I really like this powder because it is very finely milled! It sets the make up wonderfully without looking caky. Definitely my go to setting powder!


So those were empties, lovely folks. Hope you like it! Have you tried these before? How do you like them? I wish you a very nice and warm upcoming weekend! Mine will be jam packed but I’m excited for my dance show. I’ll be sure to post some pictures next week and the make up that I did on some other dancers! Stay tuned!




21 thoughts on “Cup of Empties: May 2017

  1. xoJenny says:

    Hold on I lovee how you used the flower bush or whatever as the back drop to the products, that is a really good gesture and so pretty!!!!! Good looks on that. I also love how you literally put everything in a cup to go with the title of the post, clever clever! The Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil sounds amazing….scent and the results!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thx Jenny!! I love consistency haha! I’m a maniac when it comes to that!! I’ve actually been playing around with that idea long before I created the blog. I never really did anything out in the open that I loved. As beauty is my cup of tea, that’s what I decided my theme was going to be. Thank you :D, the BF was very happy with the compliments he got. I was outside in the garden designing my bullet journal. I felt so happy between all the beautiful colors that it was a must to take some pics! Yes, Rituals scents are heaven! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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