Cup of Reviews: YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balm in nr. 9 Tempt Me Pink!

Hey my Lovely Cupcakes,

My second High End review this month! And I still have some coming up! You know I’m on a No Buy right now. But as it was recently my birthday, I got a lot of gift cards, so I spent it on some luxury products!

Recently I’ve been seeing some publicity before YouTube vids start from YSL of the Tint in Balm. It immediately drew me in! I just love how smooth, juicy, shiny and beautiful the lips of the model look! It looks as if she almost doesn’t have lip lines and super plump. So when I had the opportunity, I of course had to pick this up!

The Packaging

Honestly, it is TO DIE for! It is so luxurious, sturdy and beautiful. It is a sleek silver packaging, with the shade of the product in the middel and on top repeatedly the YSL logo in gold!


You pay 33,90€ for Net Wt. 0.12 oz/ 3ml – 3,5g.

The Shade

There is a wide shade range and they all are pretty sheer, because they are lip balms with a tint. I always gear towards corally shades. So I picked up nr. 9 Tempt me pink!

The bullet has an opaque color with a transparant core shaped as lips! So incredibly pretty!


The Wear

High end lip products can sometimes feel very unique on your lips. I’ve experienced that before with a Dior Liquid Lipstick. And with this YSL product, it also feels light and buttery soft at application. You also instantly get a whiff of that amazing smoothie scent. This one smells like Sweet Melon smoothie. I’m not sure whether the other products have the same or a different scent. The scent lingers on the lips, which I of course love!


The Look

In the publicity video clip, it is described as “My lips but better”. It is definitely true. It looks natural because the color is quite sheer. It visibly reduces the look of fine lines on the lips, giving it a plumpy effect, which was what initially attracted me to this product. The shine disappears after 2 hours wear, but the lips remain moist. The color is a lovely corally shade that doesn’t look like it is actually sitting on the lips, but more like you naturally had this color to begin with. Up until 4 hours, it remains moist but that plumpy effect also stays. I still see less lines on my lips. And the color stays for 4-5 hours. It gradually fades, still remaining natural looking.


My Conclusion

A big chunk of the price is to pay the luxurious packaging. But the product is definitely worth feeling on the lips and how it looks on your lips. If you were looking for a product with longer staying power, you wouldn’t go for this balm of course. But I you are looking for a product that looks like you have naturally glowy juicy lips, this is it.

If it is within your budget and you like luxurious products, it’s definitely a nice to have! But as much as I love it, don’t break you money bank if it is expensive for you. There are many drugstore lip balms out there worth trying out with a tiny price tag, which have a bit (a lot) more color pay off!

I hope you found this review helpful and I’ll talk to you guys soon!!




6 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balm in nr. 9 Tempt Me Pink!

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Thank you :D!! It’s actually a candle holder in the shape of a bird. The lip balm smells like a smoothie. Very sweet and fragrant! I’d say it’s a mix of strawberry and raspberry scent, maybe with a hint of melon… xoxo Sarah


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