Cup of Reviews: Essence Cosmetics Strobing Highlighter – Highlight & Contouring Stick

Hello lovely Cupcakes,

What were your highlights last week? Mine were the Essence Cosmetics Strobing Highlighter and the Highlight & Contouring Stick ;D. See what I did there! Haha, I actually have these for a longer time, but never got around reviewing them. Let’s dig into it!

Essence Strobing HIghlighter in 10 Let it Glow

I’ve been into the beaming, in your face, highlight for a year now (pretty much like anyone else). But lately I just love the more natural looks. Thus my preference is now leaning more towards achieving that perfect skin look! Some of my favorite highlights this past year were the ones in the Sleek Solstice pallet. They are beaming, metallic and in your face beautiful highlighters, like ice frost. My other favorite highlighter is the Too Faced Candlelight glow in Warm, such a pretty and natural shade. It is slightly reflective and frosty. The Essence Strobing Highlighter is much different from these.


  • The Packaging: Sleek, transparent and sturdy plastic packaging with silver lettering. You get Net Wt. 0.31 oz./9g for 2,99€.
  • The Shade: Most highlighters have high reflective particles and are slightly shimmery. This Essence highlighter is more of a peachy powder that looks lighter on the skin. It has a very soft satiny sheen. While swatched on your arm it looks like a satin powder, it looks naturally illuminating on the face. You don’t see the highlighter itself but it brightens up your face. With a fluffy brush, I apply the product, which blends easily onto the skin.


  • My Conclusion: Stay away from it, if you’re into frosty highlighters. Are you the natural type, definitely give this a go. Personally, I love it! I always apply it on my cheek bones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow.


Essence 2in1 Highligther & Contouring Stick

The highlighter in the following product also has a subtle reflection.

  • The Packaging: A slightly cheap beige double headed stick with transparent caps. You get Net Wt .10 oz/3g of product for 3,99€.
  • The Shades:  There are 2 shades available at Kruidvat: Blondie and Brownie. I chose Brownie even though I’m quite fair. I’ve seen that this product isn’t available anymore on the Essence website. But it still is on Kruidvat’s, so I’m not sure whether it’s been discontinued…
  • The Texture: I apply a stripe of the contour shade in the hollow of the cheeks, on my jaw line, on the sides of my forehead and on the sides of my nose. I then apply the highlighting shade on the nose bridge, on the cheekbones and under the brow bone. With my ring finger, I blend the highlight out. Using an angled shadow brush (it’s way to big for my eye) from Morphe Brushes (There’s no number on it), I buff out the contour, which blends like a dream!



  • The Look: You get a soft contour with this (left picture, without setting it with contouring powder). But when you set it with powder it’ll look stronger. I like to slightly set it with a contouring powder (picture on the right).

Pressing technique


I really really love the Strobing powder. It’s now a staple product in my daily routine. I love how natural it looks. I also enjoy the duo stick. Though I don’t use it as often. I just like some soft bronzing powder on the face lately.

I’ll be sending out several posts today! So look out for that!! Cup of Life: Bullet Journal – May 2017 will be coming up and a little birthday haul!

Hope you guys enjoy!!




11 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Essence Cosmetics Strobing Highlighter – Highlight & Contouring Stick

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      The duo product is still available at my drugstore, but I don’t see it on Essence’s website anymore. Perhaps it’s already discontinued… I hope not… It’s a great product! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. xoJenny says:

    I could really go either way with highlighters- I feel like on cloudy days or at night I’ll go towards the more frosty-ish ones, just so it gives me that extra little glow to compensate for the sun lol but on bright sunny days I’ll go more with the natural look because the sun will mostly bring it out for me. I’ve actually never heard of essence before I wonder if it’s something I can find online because I’ve been needing more of a natural-ish highlight now that it’s starting to get sunny! Ps- I LOVE your eye make up and the color tones in the last photo!!! ❤

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Hey Jenny!!! Yes, I’m feeling you! I think because it’s more sunny now that I love my natural glow. I think you can find Essence in the states at Ulta. Essence and Catrice are from the same company. So where you find one, you’ll also be likely to find the other. Here’s the website of Essence, maybe you can find a store locator or something: I think the prices are a bit higher in the States. But if you ever get to Europe, you’ll have to stock up on this brand!! Because over here, it’s dirt cheap! Awww, thanks Jenny! I’ll have a post coming up for this look! xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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