Cup of Reviews: Foundation Pressing Technique

Hi Buttercups!!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far!! Hells Bellss, I’ve finally caught up with reading your posts! I’ve been so busy recently. I think I’ll try to read each day for 30 minutes or something so that I don’t get behind haha. Last weekend, I have been binge watching Wayne Goss’s YouTube video’s. I saw him talking about the importance of pressing your foundation into the skin (you can check his vid here). Basically he says that you need to press (instead of patting) your foundation in with your beautyblender (BB) so that your skin can absorb the product better. This pressing and blending should be done several minutes. And also after you’ve applied your concealer.

The advantage of this technique is that after setting it, your foundation should last the whole day and that it should look a lot more natural. I was so intrigued that I decided to try this “technique” the whole week! How I did my face make up before was putting some dots of foundation on my skin, blend it out with my BB with patting motions. I then put on the concealer and let it set while doing my brows. And afterwards I blend it out and set everything with a translucent powder, again using my BB.

The Application

First of all, I moisturize my face and then apply a primer (a pore reducing one or the aftershave balm from the BF). I then apply several dots of foundation on the places of my face where I need coverage (which is mostly on the center and under the eyes). Taking my moist beauty blender I start pressing as hard as possible on the skin and roll. I feel like this doesn’t offer as much coverage as what I’m used to. Maybe it’s because the BB soaks up more product, or maybe my skin takes up more product or maybe it’s both.

I then apply my concealer and let it set while I’m doing my brows. After the brows are done, I start blending out the concealer with the BB.

The final step is saturating the BB with your setting powder (I use Nyx HD Finishing Powder). And I use a patting and pressing motion to apply this all over my face. I continue blending and massaging with the BB.

So basically the only difference with my previous routine is the pressing part of the BB. And the fact that it takes a little more time to blend out.

The Look

I first had the feeling that I had less coverage. But it definitely looks more natural. While previously I always patted softly with my BB, it made my make up look like a mask. Even though it wasn’t cakey, I can now definitely see a difference in finish. The skin tone is evened out, but my real skin can still peek through. It’s like my natural skin, but better, without the redness and the dark circles. The foundation doesn’t look like it’s sitting on your skin anymore.

Below, you see on the left my normal previous make up routine and on the right the new tried technique. I’m sorry about the bad lighting, but the weather in Belgium can be very fluctuating :D. But you can see that the coverage on the right is a bit less and very natural looking, but still covering up the things I wanted to cover.


Pressing technique

Left: Old technique, Right: With foundation pressing


The Feeling

With how I did my make up before, the setting powder left a velvetty but somehow still powdery feeling. When I’d touch with my finger on my under eye, I felt that somehow the powder came a bit off.

Using this pressing technique and taking more time to blend out, it definitely feels more like my natural skin. I’m truly impressed! The skin doesn’t feel sticky, nor powdery.

The Staying Power

Normally in the afternoon, after 6 hours of wear, the redness around my nose starts to peek through. The foundation starts to fade a little. This week, I felt like it stayed all day. As I mentioned before, I wear my make up for a very long time (7.30 am until 6 pm at the earliest). By the time I was taking my make up off I noticed it stayed the same as I applied it in the morning, it’s amazing!

On Thursday, I used the aftershave balm as a primer. That day, I had to rush after work to go look for a Birthday gift for the BF, so I went shopping. I had to catch the train because I currently don’t have a car. So we quickly had our dinner and I went straight out to the gym without taking off the make up. I know it sound gross, but believe it or not, after the work out it still looked amazing! I’m usually one to sweat a lot, but it wasn’t as intense as usual. I was 30 minutes on the cross trainer and the rest of the training I was doing arm exercises.

The Conclusion

This technique has really upped my make up game! I can’t even imagine not doing it now. I think the results were incredible. Wayne Goss also says that it is even more important to do this on more mature skin. Because when there are wrinkles, you’ll definitely see it better when foundation is applied. So here it is even more important to blend and press it in well. So I’ll also try this out on my mom.

Have you ever tried this make up technique? If so, let me know what you think of it!!



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13 thoughts on “Cup of Reviews: Foundation Pressing Technique

  1. xoJenny says:

    Oh yeah the difference is very noticeable in the picture comparison. To be honest I like both looks but for me I like the idea of the pressed technique more now because I definitely like the idea of looking natural but with make up on. In an overall general view, it intrigues me how makeup and art are so similar in the sense that depending on what kind of technique you use, you can create a whole different look or kind of painting for that matter. Crazy cool!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Yes, I always thought that my make up looked natural… But apparently it didn’t haha! I think this technique is so simple and efficient! And I absolutely agree with you: make up truly is a way to express yourself, thus it is art. You can wipe it off and start all over again. But you definitely can paint with make up and get crazy creative with it!! When I have time, I just love to sit down and play with the colors… xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

  2. brownkittycat says:

    I actually nvr tried it but will definitely do after reading your post! So pretty much a sponge or BB to press in the liquid foundation? Would pressing with hands work as well? LOL


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