Cup of Confessions: My Make Up No Buy

Hi Loves,

Today I thought I’d do some chit chat with you about my upcoming posts. Due to some recent events in my life, I find myself having to tighten the wallet a bit. Plus I have been mistreating it so much the previous months that it is now looking accusingly at me. I think that what I’m going through right now is a blessing in disguise. I’m convinced I’ll be much happier and at a much better place on the long run, I can feel it already. But for now, I just need to bite the dust.

So yeah, as you’ve read it in the title, I’m putting myself on a Make up no buy until July. I saw Rachel (Beauty and the Ballroom) writing about it and it definitely inspired me to do the same. I’d want to do this no buy longer, but July is already a challenge. January and July are the sales months in Belgium. So holding myself back during this period could physically hurt me haha!

But have no fear, I luckily still have a huge cup of make up that I still need to review. Here it is:


Yes, go ahead and say it,… Uhu, I know, I have an obsession… Hence the no buy…  For the upcoming posts I also have a bunch of inspiration. I’ll be trying out some make up techniques I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ll talk about some other make up topics. I’m also thinking of doing a series on where to shop for make up in Belgium. I think that’ll be a lot of fun to do. I could talk about the different brands we have here. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll do it per brand or per city. What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your opinion about this!

I’m also thinking about rearranging my menu a bit. I’ll probably take out the category: Cup of New Goodies. Basically I don’t like to write a post on what I’ve gotten if I can’t give you my opinion about it. I feel like with first impressions alone, I don’t give you enough information. And chances are that I change my mind about it after several uses. Mostly, when I do write about new stuff that I got, I already have a distinct opinion about it, so it becomes a Cup of Reviews… And perhaps I’ll add a new category: Cup of DIY’s. Not sure how you feel about that, as this blog has always been about Beauty in the first place. But yeah, let me know what you guys think!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!



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11 thoughts on “Cup of Confessions: My Make Up No Buy

  1. xoJenny says:

    Loving the self control! It’s tough but it helps that you still have a cup full of products to test and share with us all. I love you blog post ideas; telling us about where to shop in Belgium and what products you guys have- I just like comparing things, its interesting to see the similarities and differences. Makes me feel more cultured even if its in regards to beauty products lol

    xo, JJ

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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      The control is a work in progress really. But I have so much product that I really need to use it up first before it goes bad haha. Thx for the feedback, I’m glad you like my ideas :D. I’ll of course try to squeeze in some other juicy information about the city, but staying mainly focused on beauty :D. xoxo Sarah

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  2. llindaxxo says:

    I always say I’m on a no-buy, but I always end up breaking it like 2-3 weeks in and my “new makeup” stash doesn’t even fit in a cup anymore…it’s more like a bucket….and my wallet and bank account HATE me, but I’ve learned to deal. LOL. Good luck on your no-buy and until it’s over, I’ll be looking forward to reviews from your cup of goodies!


  3. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    Good luck on your no-buy . It is great that you still have a lot of products to review though. I really like the idea of the series that you want to do . the one about where to shop for makeup is really nice !


  4. LivingOutLoud says:

    A no buy can be challenging and until July is quite a goal. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I am with you in needing to be more careful about my spending from here on out. I think it is probably time for me to “grow up” and create an actual budget :).
    I know that you can definitely pull off this no-buy because you are SO creative and create so many beautiful and versatile looks with a little. It amazes me!!!
    This sounds like a great opportunity to focus on your creativity, and the things in life that bring you joy like dancing, diy, blogging, etc.
    I think I will join you on a no-buy for my wardrobe until April 30th. I know that it is not a lot of time, but I will start small. I have noticed that I have been spending a lot on clothes and have had mountains of laundry each week. Today I finally went through my clothes and donated. I love your idea of creating a goal that involves a concrete deadline. We got this, Sarah!!!

    ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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  5. sarahscupofbeauty says:

    Yes, I can definitely feel some sort of itching to go out and have a look… But so far, I’ve been able to stay home and not look at the new stuff… But it has definitely triggered my creative juice! I’ll start drawing again soon and I might start making face charts. God knows I have enough make up to create an endless combination of looks!! It’s also a great moment to take a step back and to remember whether all the items I’ve been wanting will truly make me happy…
    Also, during this time, I can make a nice wish list to keep me on track…
    And indeed, you can always start small. Or what you can do is say, I’ll only buy every month or every 2 months and I’ll only spend this much… When I go out on a shopping spree, I take some money out of my account so that I can only pay cash. This will make sure that I won’t spend more. Because often when you pay with your card, you don’t always remember how much you’ve spent, so you end up spending more… Let’s do this together and keep each other on track!! xoxo Sarah


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