Blogger Recognition Award! Yay!

Hi Everyone, The talented and beautiful Rachel from Beauty and the Ballroom has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award! I'm very honored that she chose, among others, me to nominate. Before I started the blog, I was very hesitant because I was scared people wouldn't like me or the stuff I wrote about. But my closest … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award! Yay!

Cup of Confessions: 2016-2017 TAG

Hi sweeties, A couple of days ago Capili from Artistbybeauty tagged me to do this fun post. Check hers here. This post was created by David (click here to read his post). I've experienced some changes throughout 2016 and it's a good thing to revise this years' events. So let's start: 1. Describe your 2016 in … Continue reading Cup of Confessions: 2016-2017 TAG

Cup of Favorites: 2016 Part II – Eyes & Lips

Hello my friends, I am finally sitting down to write my second part of the Cup of Favorites. This is so exciting because as you guys will know (if you've read my previous posts) that my favorite things to buy are eyeshadows and lip products! I have discovered some great products in 2016 that I'd like … Continue reading Cup of Favorites: 2016 Part II – Eyes & Lips

Cup of Looks: My Favorite looks of 2016

Hello my sweet readers, Happy New Year to you all!!! I hope you had a wonderful evening with your friends and family! I finally got to give my DIY gifts, which is always the climax of the year. I'll be posting that real soon. I've had pretty busy days as I was making these gifts … Continue reading Cup of Looks: My Favorite looks of 2016