Cup of New Goodies: First Colourpop Experience!

Hey Loves,

I’m sorry that I’ve been out for a couple of weeks. I’ve been feeling very guilty for that. To make it up to you, I’ll post a big Colourpop haul today!

Colourpop Goodies

Colourpop Goodies

If you’re a beautylover, you must have already heard of Colourpop. I learned about it through Beauty Guru and YouTube star Kathleen Lights. And I have literally been living under a rock, because… I am probably the last person in the Beauty Universe, that found out that Colourpop now ships internationally.

I wanted to try everything obviously, but I would need a big pot of gold for that. I ended up ordering 8 Supershock Shadows, 5 gelliners, one crazy blue Lippiestix colour and the Lippiestix kit “Gone Coastal”. The package arrived 14 days after my order in a beautiful box. You can imagine my excitement when it arrived! The goodies were wrapped in a white foam for protection and the box came with a card (Super cute!!) and a little booklet. You get in the booklet information and tips & tricks about the following products: Super Shock Shadows, Super Shock Cheeks, Creme Gel Liner & Colour, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils and Ultra Matte Lip glosses.

My package finally arrived!

My package finally arrived!

Everything arrived in good state, but sadly one product was missing: the crazy blue Lippie Stix in Climax. I was really looking forward to try that one out. I did contact customer service afterwards and they’ll send me the product later on.

Now let’s begin this haul, shall we! Oh wait, you might want to grab a cup of tea! ‘Cause this is a long post!

The Super Shock Shadows (Price: 5$/pot, Net Wt: 2.1g/0.07 oz)

I’ll start off with the products, I was and am most excited about, the Super Shock Shadows! It is described (in the little booklet) as a long-wearing creme powder, that has an elastic-like texture. When swatching with the finger, it feels smooth and a little bit oily, but not in a bad way. It’s like a perfect oil-powder blend. The pigmentation is incredible, swatched with the finger and when rubbed off on the skin. However, using a flat brush to apply it, the colour payoff is not nearly as impressive. It even appears a bit blotchy and doesn’t pick up as much color. I do recommend to apply them with the finger, because it makes a world of a difference, especially if you want the colors to be vibrant and the glitter to be at it’s best. The colors that I picked are almost all metallic (1 pearly finish), no matte, satin or ultra metallic colors. So I do not know how those would perform. The glitter is so finely milled, that the swatches have this wet look to them, very pretty. But this wet effect is only visible when swatched with a finger, not with a brush.

The shades that I’ve picked out are very 3 dimensional. They all have interesting finishes, because of the use of the shimmers. It’s the combination of several colored shimmers that makes each color unique.

The shadows are tightly locked in a pot. It is said that they lose their “magic” if the jar is left open for long periods of time.

1. Porter

Super Shock Shadow: Porter

Super Shock Shadow: Porter, Left swatch: flat brush, Right swatch: finger

Porter is a color of the Where The Night Is collection by Kathleen Lights. I didn’t want to purchase the whole kit, as this was the only color that appealed to me. The camera clearly doesn’t pick up the glitters, but the shade is a deep warm burgundy colour with fine gold and silver glitters. When swatched, the color looks warmer and doesn’t nearly look as deep burgundy as in the pot.

2. Cricket

Super Shock Shadow: Cricket, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Super Shock Shadow: Cricket, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Cricket Is a mauvy taupe with gold and silver glitter. The swatch with the brush is really bad. I can only use this shade by tapping with my swatched finger on my eyelid. I presume it is because of the oily-powdery texture. But the full blown color, swatched with the finger is stunning. The picture doesn’t pick this up well (I have a vid demo on my instagram). This color looks beautiful for a glittery smoky eye or a halo eye.

3. Nillionaire

Super Shock Shadow: Nillionaire, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Super Shock Shadow: Nillionaire, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Nillionaire is a beautiful coppery shade with pink and gold fine shimmery accents. I’ve worn it as a lid color or when I did a colorful eyelook, used it on the lower lashline to balance out the look. The pink shimmer is very subtle and it is not picked up on any picture. I’ve tried using a small brush to apply it on the lower lash line, but you really have to pack it as it doesn’t build up well with a brush.

4. Stereo

Super Shock Shadow: Stereo, Left Swatch: Brush, Right Swatch: Finger

Super Shock Shadow: Stereo, Left Swatch: Brush, Right Swatch: Finger

You wouldn’t be able to tell, but Stereo actually looks quite dark on the eyelid. I’d describe this color as a deep burgundy shade with pink and gold shimmer. This definitely looks beautiful on a dark warm or black base.

5. Krinkle

Super Shock Shadow: Krinkle, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Super Shock Shadow: Krinkle, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

I have a soft spot for mermaidy blue shades, such as Krinkle. It’s a greenish deep blue color with a hint of grey and silver & gold shimmer.

6. Dare

Super Shock Shadow: Dare, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Super Shock Shadow: Dare, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Dare looks a lot more like purple in the pot. But when swatched, it turns into this vibrant violet pink with pink & purple shimmer.

7. Sugar

Super Shock Shadow: Sugar, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

Super Shock Shadow: Sugar, Left swatch: Brush, Right swatch: Finger

When I was picking out this color on the website, I expected almost a white with a hint of blue. But it turned out to be a super metallic sky blue color. The silver & gold shimmer make it almost wet looking and give it a very interesting texture.

8. Coconut

Super Shock Shadow: Coconot, Left swatch: Finger, Right swatch: Brush

Super Shock Shadow: Coconut, Left swatch: Finger, Right swatch: Brush

This warm teal blue shade is EVERYTHING. It’s such a beautiful warm blue shade. And as mentioned before, this is the only pearly shade that I picked up. I absolutely love this.

My favs are definitely: Nillionaire, Krinkle, Sugar and Coconut. I know, most of them are blue, but that’s what I usually gravitate to.

These shadows are so different from anything I’ve tried before. I don’t like how the shadows perform with a brush, so I’m curious to find out whether I’ll like their satin and matt shades and whether they’re blendable. The fact that they come in little pots, doesn’t make them travel friendly. I think Colourpop should come out with a deep Z-like pallet with magnetic pots, so that you can take these pots with you on the go.

Lippie Stix (Price: 5$/Lippie Stix, Net Wt: 1.0/0.0352 oz)

I’ve gotten for my lips the Gone Coastal Lippie Stix kit, which contains 6 sheer Lippiestix in a nice range of shades. These are supposed to contain natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado & Shea Butter. Let me tell you one thing… The first time I applied a Lippiestix on my lips, it immediately reminded me of the Werthers’s Original Caramels Candies. This instantly brings me back to my childhood. These lip products are such a treat for the lips. They apply so smoothly and creamy… And they keep your lips moist up to 4 hours. It actually feels like you are applying a lip balm, as it is so comfortable.

The kit retails for 25$, so this means you get one Lippie Stix for free.  That’s a bargain, right!! If you don’t want to buy the whole kit though, you can purchase each color individually. The Lippie Stix come in a nice sturdy box with magnetic closure and a huge mirror.

Gone Coastal Lippie Stix Kit

Gone Coastal Lippie Stix Kit

I’ll show you swatches on my lips below. I’ve always applied 1 coat evenly. Please bare in mind that my lips are pigmented.

1. Kiddo

Lippie Stix: Kiddo

Lippie Stix: Kiddo

Kiddo is a caramelly nude shade, that barely shows up on my lips because they’re so pigmented. Love it nonetheless. It’s such an “easy” to combine with any eye look.

2. Byob 

Lippie Stix: Byob

Lippie Stix: Byob

If you are afraid of color, but you’d like to try out a bright pink, Byob could be your best friend. As the formula is sheer, this color doesn’t show up super vibrant. So after one coat, it looks like you ate some candy. But after several coats, it could be wham, to your face, bright pink!

3. Peacocky


Lippie Stix: Peacocky

Peacocky is for me the perfect sheer red color. I generally prefer the colder red, which you’ll obtain if your layer this color several times.

4. Safari


Lippie Stix: Safari

With Safari, you get a warm red color.

5. Whip

Lippie Stix: Whip

Lippie Stix: Whip

I love me some Orchid purple color like Whip! Out of the 6 colors, I’d say this one is the most opaque, or less sheer.

6. Tiger


Lippie Stix: Tiger

Tiger is definitely the darkest shade of the bunch. It can be intensely dark, but it can look as subtle on the lips as you can see on the picture above.

I love how much color variation there is in this kit. The other Lippie Stix kit, called “Staycation”, has 3 nude shade and 3 red, berry shades. Out of the “Gone Coastal” kit, my favs are probably Tiger, Peacocky and Whip.

The Lippie Stix are absolutely BOM! I love how they feel on my lips. I’ll definitely try out some crazy colors next time. This makes me very curious for the other lip products.

Creme Gel Colour (6$/pot, Net Wt: 3.0g/0.11 oz)

On to the last products, that were in my package: the “Creme Gel Colour”. These babies have a high intensity pigment and ultra smooth application, like it is stated in Colourpops’ little booklet. The staying power of these products is fenomenal. I like to use them to do a cut crease or a nice winged liner. What I also love about these is that you can put them on the waterline and they won’t budge!

All the shades, that I chose have a matt finish. Other shades with glittery and metallic finishes are also available on the website.

1. Cry Baby

Creme Gel Colour: Cry Baby

Creme Gel Colour: Cry Baby

Cry Baby is a pastelly light violet. The pigmentation is not superb, but you can definitely layer it.

2. Piggy Bank

Creme Gel Colour: Piggy Bank

Creme Gel Colour: Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is a vibrant violet shade. Try layering Super Shock Shadow Dare over this one!!! Hot!!!

3. Fast Lane


Creme Gel Colour: Fast Lane

Fast Lane is a very dark green gel liner. I love these type of shades for the Autumn with a warm bronzy eye.

4. Prance


Creme Gel Colour: Prance

Creme Gel Colour: Prance

Prance is a pastelly blue creme gel colour. I like to use this one as a pop of color on the lower water line.

5. Exit

Creme Gel Colour: Exit

Creme Gel Colour: Exit

Who doesn’t need a classic white base like Exit. Duochrome colors look wonderful on a white base like this one.

These Creme Gel Colours didn’t disappoint me one bit. It’s opaque, can be smudged out and sets beautifully. I’m probably going to stock up some more of these.

This concludes my Haul. Overall I am very happy with the goods that I’ve gotten. I think that with the low price and good quality, it’s going to be difficult not to collect these haha. Like I said at the start of this post, if I had a huge pot of gold… boy oh boy… In my next order, I’ll make sure to include at least a blush, a contour stix and a liquid lipstick…

I truly recommend the shadows to you, if you are a collector and don’t mind using your fingers instead of brushes to apply them. If you like glitter, then the color selection that I got might be something for you. The sheer Lippie Stix from the “Gone Coastal” collection are ideal for someone who looks for a lip balm with color. And the creme gel liners… well, you know how I feel about them. If you’re patient enough to work with gel liners, you should definitely try these out.

I hope this was a helpful haul/review. Have you tried Colourpop before, which products do you like? Thank you for leaving your comments and suggestions!

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6 thoughts on “Cup of New Goodies: First Colourpop Experience!

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    I have heard great things about colourpop and have thought about ordering from them in the past. Again I haven’t been much of a makeup person, but that could change 🙂 I had so much fun reading your post. It was very informative and the pictures and swatches are super helpful. If I decide to order from them I will definitely refer to this post. Xoxoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful. It’s definitely worth the buy. In real life, the shadows have so much more glitter and dimension to them, that pictures can not catch this by far. Please let me know how you like them, when you try them out!

      Liked by 1 person

      • LivingOutLoud says:

        I’m excited to hear that because I usually prefer shimmer, sparkle, sheer, and glitter to matte :). Thanks again!


    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      Oh thank you for the recommendation, I’ll check it out. I love these shadows, but I don’t grab for them often as they’re singles. When I rush in the morning, I’m more likely to use a pallet… Thx for dropping by. xoxo Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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