Cup of New Goodies: June 2016

GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!! Belgium scored in their match against Ireland! As much as I’m happy for Belgium, I was even more ECSTATIC for what I am about to tell you. I have to admit, I only found out Belgium had it’s first goal, when I heard hysteric yelling on the streets on Saturday 18-06-2016. At that exact moment, I was at my local drugstore and in the honor of the European Champions League and the match Belgium-Ireland, my drugstore, Kruidvat, had a 50% off for ALL make up items during the match. Do I… need to tell you… how excited I was… I… LITERALLY… had an epiphany!

So please excuse me, I didn’t follow the Soccer Match (not really my cup of tea anyway), but this beauty buy, people… was top priority!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into these goodies. I have to say, these are not items that are new at the drugstore. But I have never purchased them before. Behold my cup of goodies. I know this cup is huge… But don’t you say it’s a bowl, ’cause it’s not!


I’ll start off with the lip products:


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks:

  • Plum passion Nr. 365: a lovely creamy orchid color, that can look opaque with only one swipe. I love these type of purple colors. They are so edgy and fierce looking. I am going to enjoy playing around with this.
  • Red Sunset Nr. 960: a matt corally pink color. This one is just right up my alley: Vibrant, fun and daring. Can’t wait to try this out. It looks darker and less bright on the picture than in real life.
IMG_20160619_161943 - kopie

Nr. 365 Plum Passion

IMG_20160619_162010 - kopie

Nr. 960 Red Sunset

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

  • Possessed Plum Nr. 45: This color is a dark plum and more of a color that I would wear in the Autumn season. I’ve been enjoying these Vivid Matte Liquids so much lately, that I couldn’t pass on this occasion to add this color to my little collection.

Nr. 45 Possessed Plum

Catrice Ultimate Stay Lip  Liner


  • Nr. 040 Love the way you plum: A beautiful, intense, matte plum color. I haven’t tried out these formula’s yet, but they seem creamy enough.
  • Nr. 050 Rosy Rose: A matte, dusty rose color

From left to right: Nr. 050 Rosy Rose & Nr. 050 Love the way you plum

Next picks are face products:


L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion


A cushion foundation for a dewy glow. I am thinking this will be our version of the Lumi Cushion Foundation, that you can buy in the US. I can’t wait to compare this to my Etude House and the Yves Rocher Cushion Foundations.

Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer in

20160619_131611 IMG_20160619_172924 - kopie

  • Nr. 01 Blondes: I am not blond. I saw Nr. 01 and 02 in the store. And I didn’t read on the back, but only had a look at the colors. As I have a light skintone, I thought this would be my color. Hopefully it’s not too orange. Fingers crossed!

Catrice Cosmetics Multi Matt Blush

IMG_20160619_161825 - kopie

I saw some time ago a review from Tati on Catrice products. And she picked up quite some products that were hit and misses. But Catrice Cosmetics and I, we go a long way back. When I was in college and struggling to cramp all these Bio courses in my head, the one thing that made me happy during this period, was my daily visit to my drugstore. And I remember going crazy over Catrice, because the quality is good and the price doesn’t make you wallet cry. Now Tati, if you are reading this post (I would be soooo happy), you should definitely try out these blushes. They are buttery soft. I’d even use them as eyeshadows to blend out colorful looks or to create neutral looks.

  • Nr. 010 Love, Rosiel: there are 4 colors, and combined they give a lovely matt ginger blush (last color on the swatches).
  • Nr. 020 La-Lavender: The 4 colors are a bit darker than Nr. 010, and combined they give a nice mauvy shade.

Nr. 010 Rosiel

IMG_20160619_162058 - kopie

Nr. 020 La-Lavender

Eye & Brow products:




A beautiful palette with 10 summery colors, to make some really fun looks. You could also pull off some neutral looks with this. You get with this pallet a double ended brush, which I’m probably not going to use. Can’t wait to play around with these!

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 HR

These Maybelline Color Tattoo’s 24 HR are well known and loved in the beauty community. But Ms. Country bumpkin here (yes, me) never tried these before. I’ve swatched them several times already but always ended up putting them back. I always hesitated because I have several pencil colored bases that I don’t use. Now with the 50% off, I pretty much didn’t have an excuse not to get it…

  • Nr. 87 – Mauve Crush: This duochrome color looks stunning! I love how it’s blue with a purple reflection. I even had a dream about a look using this last night. So I’m definitely going to try that out today :D. These Color Tattoo’s have an amazing staying power. It took me a great amount of scrubbing to wash off the swatch. I am excited to see how they’ll perform on the eyes.
  • Nr. 70 – Metallic Pomegranate:  This color will probably be something I’ll rock in the Autumn. It’s a rich burgundy color with gold sparkles. It looks warm and luxurious.
IMG_20160619_173122 - kopie

Upper: Nr. 70 – Metallic Pomegranate; Lower: Nr. 87 – Mauve Crush

This concludes my Haul. I am going to play with these a bit more and hopefully I can come up with a couple of fun looks for you guys. I am sorry if the swatch pictures are poor quality. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to make swatches on one arm and try to take a picture with the other one while having the perfect light hitting your colored arm O_o…

Please Comment and Subscribe. I really appreciate your feedback and support!

I’ll talk to you in my next post.


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