Cup of Empties: June 2016 Part II

Apparently, I can not count. I said after part I, I still had 9 products to talk about. Buuut, it is a little bit more… Please don’t shoot me… I have been saving up my empties since last year in October. I am quite happy that I can discard those empty bottles and fill my empties cup again with newer used products.

So the first things I’ll talk about today are my make up removers.


Micellar Cleansing water from Bioderma for sensitive skin

The first time I ever heard about this product was when my lovely American cousins came in Belgium for a visit. I know, Cath, Tiff, Pris (I miss you guys so much!), it’s been like a very long time ago. But I’ve been loving this product ever since haha. This must be my 5th bottle or something already. I love this stuff. I have in the meantime tried other micellar waters, but nothing has been able to compete to the Bioderma one so far!

I put some on 2 cotton pads. I leave for 5 seconds on the eyes. And I wipe everything off. I usually go back in with a 3rd or 4the cotton pad. I feel that it cleans your skin thoroughly. After using this, my face feels clean and refreshed without being dry. Easy and effective, just the way I like it.

2 phase make-up remover for Eyes from Diadermine

This product has a blue oily phase and a watery lower part. Who doesn’t know these type of eye make-up remover, nowadays. They exist already for so long. You shake until the two liquids are combined to an emulsion and apply some on your cotton pad and whoosh… your eye make-up should be removed. I used this up quite quickly, because I had to use a lot of product to remove all the eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I prefer Bioderma Micellar water, as this is a lot faster and removes ALL the make-up and not only the eye make-up. Also, this doesn’t remove my waterproof mascara completely and it leaves a film of oil on the eyes. There are of course a lot of people out there that use these kind of 2 phase oily/watery make-up removers, but personally, I prefer the Micellar waters.

The following products, I’m going to talk about are scrubs (face & body)


Apricot Scrub from St Yves

This scrub goes waaaaaaaaaaaaay back and I have been keeping this all these years!! I am not exagerating if I say, I’ve had this 10 years. Shame on me, I know. So this dates from the first time my cousin Cathy ever visited me with Tiff and Pris. She sent this to me from the united states. So I just couldn’t throw this away, as it had emotional value… I have this thing, when I received something from someone, I think you should use it up, unless it breaks you out. And… as much as I loved this product, I always saved it up. Up until today, I’ve used anything like it. When you scrub your face with this product, it leaves my skin feeling numb, not in a bad way. The product is very dense and thick, full of particles to scrub the dead cells away and it smells lightly like peaches. I really do like this product and I’d probably pick this up if I were to pay a visit to the States. I of course will use it up faster next time… I do wonder whether there are any other scents from St Yves (Erm Cathy, if you’re reading this…Hint, hint, hint… just kidding :D).

Coconut Body Scrub from Inecto

If you love natural coconut scents and are looking for a creamy moisturizing scrub. Look no further! This body scrub has quite big grains and doesn’t feel aggressive on the skin. It seems to me, there is a little bit more cream than particles. The particles exfoliate on a very gentle way and the cream feels like butter on your skin, even after rinsing. I do like this, as this is my second tube. I’ll probably buy this again in the future. There is also a face scrub from the same line, but that one I haven’t tried yet.

Double duty exfoliator + mask from Sephora

This face scrub + mask in one didn’t blow my socks off… I mean, it didn’t perform bad, but it also didn’t stand out to me. I never used this as a mask, as I still have some tubes of Freeman masks. The smell is also quite clean, but nothing special. I did found that it left my skin a bit dry after rinsing. I won’t be purchasing this one again.

Exfoliating shower gel in “White Flower”

When my boyfriend and I were in Singapore, we were walking around in a shopping complex on the Orchard Road. There was a lady in front of a very fresh smelling store, called Vardi & Migdal. At first glance, it looked chique, like it was decorated a bit in the Victorian style. I was intrigued by the scrub the lady from the store was showing. It is supposed to be enriched with Dead Sea minerals. It smelled so incredibly good. And because the lady and her boss were very convincing, we ended up spending A LOT at this store. We got tons of products, but they were also super expensive. Today, i’ll just talk about the wonderful smelling shower gel that I used up. This gel is just… divine. It smelled sooooo good and the scrub felt quite gentle, but firm. After rinsing, the smell lingers on your skin. I honestly regret that I didn’t get more shower gel. Expensive or not, this luxurious shower gel was so worth it. If you happen to pass this store, please smell this shower gel. I love it!

Next used up products are Make up related! If there’s one thing I like to buy, then it’s make up!


Make it last! Prime & Set Makeup spray from Victoria’s Secret

I bought this in Schiphol, the airport from Amsterdam. Funny thing in Belgium is that Victoria’s Secret (I’ll refer to as VicSec) is only accessible in the duty free zones at the airport. So you have to book a ticket to somewhere in order to be able to go in a Victoria’s Secret store. So when I have to go to Holland, for work or for a city trip, I always need to hop in to see what’s new. During my first visit at this shop, there were several products on sale. And I picked up this Prime & Set spray. I had used it all up, but I do have to admit, I prefer my Mac fix plus. The VicSec sprays, doesn’t spray a fine mist over the face, but quite heavy drops, which I didn’t like. Also, even when I sprayed it far away, it left my skin feeling very sticky. Not a huge fan of this one.

Precious Mineral BB cream Cotton Fit from Etude House

Etude House has been futured a lot in these last 2 posts. And that is because I simply can not resist these products. They work well for my skin and all these products smell so incredibly good, without being overpowering. It is the 3 third tube of BB cream from Etude House that I’ve used. I’m pretty fair, with pigment spots. This BB cream gives me a medium coverage (just enough) and contains SPF 30. A lot of western BB creams don’t have an SPF or smell like sunscreen. It is not the case for these Etude House versions. I’ll definitely repurchase these products in the future. But I must admit, I am now in a phase that I want to try out other products. I’m too biased by the pink Etude House stores. That just sucks me into their stores hahaha.

Precious Mineral Magic Any cushion SPF34 in Magic Peach from Etude House

The last one from Etude House for this empties post. This cushion base comes in 3 types: green, pink and peach. I chose the peachy one, because when I was going ham in the flagship store of Etude House in Singapore, they used this Mineral Magic Cushion on me. It is supposed to be used for dull skin. Now, as much as I loooooove the scent of this, it doesn’t really do anything. I do still have a spare (it was in promotion…). So I could do a comparing video, to see whether there is really a difference. I will do a more in debt review on this product.

Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara from Maybelline

This is definitely my holy grail mascara. Ever since Cathy’s last visit, I have only been using this mascara. I’ve tried many others, but none of them holds my lashes and gives them as much volume as this baby! I’m just not born with long lushious lashes, so I do need a bit of help. I am now on to my 5th tube.

The last product i’m going to talke about is a cleansing gel. There are many different types, but I chose this one in particular:


Every Month Cleansing Foam nr. 9 Richly Moist from Etude House

There were many different one and i remember buying for my mom the Pomegranate “flavour”. I particularly like this cleanser, because it contains rice. Like all of their products, it smells super nice and soft. AND, most important aspect, it doesn’t dry my skin out after rinsing. I hate it when my skin starts to itch or feel too tight. I’ve also tried the Pomegranate one from my mom, this one was supposed to help with anti aging. It was more of gel texture than a cream texture and that one definitely dried my skin out. So if you have a very dry skin like me, you would enjoy this product. Now I got it a while back, so I’m not sure it’s still available… I’ve never seen it on So I can’t be sure, if it’s in their permanent line.

So this concludes all my empties. I will probably do one again in a couple of months. I try to use up my products as fast as I can to be able to try out other products. But you can only smack on a max amount of product on your face haha.

This is only my fourth article, so I would appreciate it, if you leave your comments. I’d love to know your opinion, not only about the content of the article, but also on the style of my writing, on the background, on the products you’d like me to try out, any other requests,… It would help me greatly! I’m still trying to figure out the right “formula” for this blog. So any constructive feedback would be welcome!

I’ll talk to you soon!



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