Cup of Empties: June 2016

Time for a cup of empties

I asked my darling cousin, Cathy what she’d like to read for this next post: Lip favorites or my empties? And she chose, without hesitation, the empties. it might be interesting to share with you what I have been loving and using these past few months (say 6 months). Me thinks this post is going to be a pretty long one, so you might want to grab a snack, a cup of tea and sit comfortable in your couch.


I’ll start off with my vast collection of hand creams, that I’ve used up.

Missing You hand creams from Etude House in Rose and Peach scents


Mini Pet hand creams from the Faceshop in the scents Fruits and Floral


Peach anti-aging hand cream from Tony Moly.


These come in such cute packaging, that I like to keep it on my nightstand, desk, bathroom… Basically anywhere that needs a cute little jar. The products of Etude House, The Faceshop and Tony Moly smell so lovely and the skin absorbs it almost immediately. The cream leaves a subtle and nice smell on your hands without feeling greasy or oily. I like to use it after that I’ve washed my hands.

Cupcake chocolate hand cream


I remember I picked this up somewhere in a tank station by the highway. And initially I thought, this was super cute. But it smells like bad chocolate. I’ve tried using it, but I just can’t get over that smell. It’s not used up, but I’m going to get rid of it.

Next up are masks, in their different forms.

Lovely ME:EX Waterful Grapefruit Mask from the Faceshop


I’ve been using the Lovely ME:EX Waterful Grapefruit Mask (what a mouthful!) occasionally. It smells very fresh and citrusy. Again, you can tell, I’m a huge sucker for cute packaging. I received this product from my lovely cousin Tiffany. As I didn’t know she was going to send me this in our swap, I also got one during my trip in Vietnam. I now still have one jar on my nightstand for days I forgot to put on my evening skin care and am too lazy to go back downstairs :D)). I feel that this product feels refreshing on the skin, but I don’t think it does much for my skin as I don’t really see a difference in the morning.

Changing U Magic Foot Peeling shoes from Tony Moly

Changing U Magif Foot Peeling Shoes Tony Moly

This mask comes with 2 plastic socks filled with an ammonia smelling liquid. It feels slimy and cold when you put your feet in those 2 socks. I put over that a pair of real socks, so that it holds well around my feet. I let my feet soak for over 1,5h. For me, this process feels uncomfortable. You can’t really walk around normally and ammonia is not the nicest smell in the world.

The first time I’ve tried this mask, it did nothing for my feet. But the second time… it truly did what it promised! My skin started to peel away, 3 weeks after I used this mask! Gross, you may say!! But it’s quite satisfying, seeing your dead skin stripping away to reveal your baby skin. Now if you want to try this out, I’d recommend you do it in the winter, because it’s not a pretty sight. During 3 weeks, the skin is literally coming off. Uncomfortable are not, I’ll definitely do this little mask again this year! The soft feet are so worth it!

I need you! Mask Sheets from Etude House

I need you Sheet Masks Etude House

In this range, I’ve tried Pearl (brightening), Green Tea (soothing & moisture), Mango (nourishing & firming), Aloe Vera (soothing), Pomegranate (smooth & energizing), Honey (smooth & hydration) and Acai Berry (antioxidant). They feel so refreshing and smell incredibly nice! Because it feels quite cold, I have the tendency to use this more in the warmer months. These masks make my skin plump, extremely glowy and hydrated without breaking me out. As there are so many types of masks of different brands to try out, I’ll probably won’t purchase this again any time soon. But if I am in Asia and were to pass this beautiful pink shop, called Etude House, I’ll probably won’t be able to resist J.

On to skin care! I have been using the:

Collagen Moistfull range (Facial freshener, Emulsion, Essence and Cream) from Etude House


These bottles have been lasting for such a long time now, that I grew tired of it. When I was in Singapore the last time, there was this huge promotion. So I bought everything double. Hence, I am still using the Facial Freshener, Emulsion and Cream in combo with some new products. After cleansing, I go in with my toner, then the Facial Freshener and I finish off with either the Emulsion (morning) or Cream (night). These products are probably from the best known skin care range from Etude House. Even though, I do like these products, I am probably not going to purchase this again, as I got so tired of using it. But if you are looking for a nice moisturizing product range, I do recommend these: great smell, refreshing and moisturizing.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of products are from Korea. I’ve bought a ton of products during my trip to Singapore and Japan, which is already a while back. But because, I obviously only have one face, it took some time to use everything up. So I am now especially looking forward to try products from the Western world again for a change.

Next up are my Body Butter and Lotions!


Twilight Woods body Lotion from Bath & Body Works

This is one of my favorite scents of all times! It’s difficult to describe, but it’s such a rich, warm and sweet scent. I will continue to buy this, whether it’s the lotion, the body butter or the body mist! These products are so moisturizing and leave the skin incredibly soft. What not to love! So sad, we can’t buy this in Belgium.

Passion Struck Body Lotion from Victoria’s secret

I initially bought this because the smell reminded me of Twilight Woods when I was smelling it straight from the bottle. But when I got home and tried it on my body, it smelled completely different. I did enjoy the product, but it’s not my favorite, so I’m probably not going to purchase this again.

Magic Touch Body Butter from Rituals

Products from Rituals are amazing! I love their scrubs, body butters and shower gels. And my absolute favorite product from Rituals would be this body butter in the scent Magic Touch… So relaxing, luxurious, fresh! I will buy this for the rest of my life!

Soooooo, I still have a couple of product empties to show you (like 9). But I’ll keep this for a part 2. Otherwise this post is going be waaaaay to long.

Anyways, I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Please leave your comments below and share with your friends and family.

I’ll talk to you very soon, in my next post!


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    • sarahscupofbeauty says:

      It smells wonderful! I purchased mine in Singapore, but you can also order those online from Etude House! I usually order from xoxo Sarah


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